Samurai Cop [Fantasia 2013 Midnight Screening]

Samurai Cop

Samurai Cop Remastered in HD: Fantasia Film Festival 2013 MIDNIGHT PARTY MOVIE REVIEW

Every year, Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal prepares a special midnight screening for a particular set of movie-goers: movies that are so BAD that they kick ass.

For some reason, the absurdity of unintentional humour just makes some people want to stay up all night with their friends, drinking beer and throwing empties at the screen. Naturally, it's a night worth going out of your way to attend.

Even if you've already had the pleasure of enjoying Samurai Cop (perhaps even after reading our first recommendation of it a while back and trying the many drinking games), it's not every day you get to see it in HD on the silver screen in a room full of people who all get your "Community" references and will probably screen Troll 2 at their weddings. You're in good company.

Part cop, part Fabio, all samurai. Samurai cop is the brainchild of Iranian millionaire Amir Shervan. He created what he (at the time) thought was the perfect American action movie and he could not have done a better job.

The midnight madness screening included two brilliant shorts, including Canada's own "The Last Videostore", a lovable tribute to independent movie stores and monster b-movies, and rendered clips, lovingly made by a local studio, from what the Samurai Cop arcade game MIGHT have looked like... had it ever actually existed. Both were fantastic, special, and needed to be seen with friends.

This event really captured what We Like 2 Watch is all about: taking movies and improving them through the creation of a surrounding where collective friendly enjoyment is possible. Needless to say, the crowd loved it and the people sitting around me, cracking wise and clapping along to the 80's MIDI keyboard music, only made things better.

The party aspect in this movie is spectacular. From the sheer cheese of the main character's behaviour to the gratuitous amounts of nudity, everyone is guaranteed to get a laugh, or at least an awkward boner...
As one bystander remarked, it might be the most action-packed porno you'll ever see, but you NEED to see it.

Samurai Cop

- Jonny Mosco

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Now i'm a little disappointed I didn't make it out to see it lol. Nice review!