[PARTY MOVIE] The Naked Gun Trilogy & Police Squad!

Naked Gun

Alright, this is one that's very dear to us. With the recent reboot announcement, it's about time we say a few words about the Naked Gun Trilogy, a series of movies spoofing old detective "film noir" crime flicks, starring Leslie Nielson as the strong, serious, but accident-prone and slightly incompetent Sergeant Frank Drebin.

After his successful deadpan comedy breakout in the movie "Airplane!" ("Surely you can't be serious..." "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"), Leslie Nielson was brought on to star in a TV series called "Police Squad!".
Only six episodes were ever produced, but they remain hidden gems in the world of spoof comedy.
The brilliance of these shows can't really be overstated, and the reason for the show's cancellation has been reported as being because the show had so many jokes that adding a laugh track was impossible.
Too funny for TV.

However, a few years later, a full length feature film was made starring the characters from the show. This was the first Naked Gun release, and man is it good. It really is one of those movies that not everyone can appreciate the brilliance of (mostly due to the brand of spoof humour), but most people do.

In fact, I personally wish I'd never seen it, just so that I can see it again for the first time.
The film boasts a very high LPM (laughs-per-minute), and is extremely quotable, and somehow manages to be smart by pretending to be stupid. Even the trailer is a spoof.
Anyway, the series is getting a reboot soon, so don't forget to check out the originals if you haven't yet!

These flicks are party movie favourites due to the deep, satisfying laughs that everyone can enjoy. No pretentious comedies here.

Get some friends together and enjoy the trilogy that brought the spoof genre to light. With some help, the golden years of the mighty spoof might not be over after all.