Kung Fury [Party Movie!]

Kung Fury

I have no idea why the 80's left such a strong nostalgia-shaped hole in society, but they did. For the past several years, people have been buying up old video games, VHS tapes, and anything else that brings them back to the decade that gave us the Rubik's cube.

Old movies such as Miami Connection and Samurai Cop have been re-released and praised for their cheese-factor. TV shows such as Danger 5 have tried to recapture that magic, and although very successful, I think it's fair to say that everything has been leading up to Kung Fury: everything you want to remember about 80's media in 30 minutes. This is one the rare times i'll say this, but actually watch the trailer.

It basically convinced the world to fund it:

The short flick hits every stereotype, every idea, every image and every sound that you could possible think of from the 80's, and then some. The soundtrack is impeccable too.

The full movie is freely and officially available on youtube:

Get some friends and beers. This is ridiculously well done and feels right at home at any 80's theme night.