Kung Fu Elliot [Fantasia 2014]

Kung Fu Elliot

Fantasia rarely disappoints on the documentary front, and this year is no exception.
In fact, it's very common to find documentaries about things you didn't even know existed.
Kung-Fu Elliot is a perfect example. Examining the life of Elliot Scott, a Canadian kickboxing champion living in the maritimes, while he shoots his own low-budget Jackie Chan style movies hoping to become Canada's action movie star.

The documentary is a natural reaction to what I would have asked had I ever come across one of his homemade films. Namely: "Gee, I wonder what this guy's life is actually like!".
His story is a pretty endearing one with twists and turns along the way, and by the end you get more questions than answers (but in a good way).

Kung Fu Elliot

As a fan of party movies (e.g. the WeLike2Watch mantra), I am very interested in obtaining copies of the films Elliot has made, but this seems difficult. Anyone with information on that can feel free to comment.

Either way, if you enjoy fascinating documentaries involving people trying to achieve their dreams, this one is very funny, entertaining, and just might hit you in the feels in an unexpected way.

Catch it July 30 in De Seve Theatre at 7:25PM.

-Jonny Mosco