Prom Night [Fantasia 2014]

Prom Night

This year at Fantasia, fans will enjoy being the first to screen the new restoration of Prom Night by Synapse Films. The flick is nearly 25 years old now, so the color correction and audio remastering may breathe new life into this old slasher.

Now, what makes this movie so special anyway? Sounds like it's just a bunch of kids getting killed on prom night.
Well for one thing, it's got Jamie Lee Curtis starring. Ok.. what else?
Well, it's got Leslie Nielson playing the disco-dancing school principal. Now, if you're anything like me, you're already sold, regardless if the movie itself is any good.

Possible reasons you may not have seen/heard of this movie yet:
- You're not a slasher fan.
This movie was really representative of the state of the genre at the time, right when they were figuring this kind of stuff out, so it has a special place among fans (not to mention because of the many sequels it spawned).
- Objectively, it's hard to argue that it's any good.
This movie came out after Carrie and Halloween, but isn't anywhere near as good. There are some interesting scenes but all-in-all it's best viewed as a learning piece suitable for drinking beer and having fun with.

Prom Night

Best part? 5-minute disco-dancing scene that takes our minds off the murdering. Soundtrack is actually pretty great, so that's definitely something to look forward to.

Will this movie be fun to see on the big screen with a room full of Fantasia fans hollering and cheering?
Undoubtedly. Party movie experience.

It screens Thursday July 24 at 5:20pm in De Seve Theatre.

-Jonny Mosco