[PARTY GAMES] Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Shaq Fu

Enough of this traditional "good game" nonsense. The modern truth is that even a bad game holds value, so long as it can still be fun (such as by laughing at how bad it is).

Anyone can buy a "GOOD" game and invite their friends over to play, but if you REALLY want to impress your bored, callous friends, you need can

A) Joke about how funny it would have been if they would have made a fighting game for SNES (or Genesis) starring Shaquille O'Neal.

B) Show them the game, which actually happened, and play it.

C) Tell them a sequel is in the works on Kickstarter.

Shaq was/is great. There's a reason that movies like "Kazaam" got made, and Shaq Fu falls into that same vein of capitalism. But even now, I feel like I would buy this game based on the cover alone.
Look at him. He means business.

Is the game any good? Hell no, but that's the fun. The absurdity of the game probably brings more attention to it now, than it would have it were actually a decent game. It's a great game to bust out at a video-oriented gathering.

The really interesting news is that a sequel is now in the works, with Shaq's approval. Shaq wants to try it again, but this time he's aiming for a kickass game.
We've been seeing teasers online for fake game ideas involving Shaq, but these might have very well been serious ideas at some point.
In the teaser/interview, we find out that "bioshaq, countershaq, o'neil of fortune, flappy shaq, shaqman, shaq to the future" were all possible game ideas.

Shaq Fu

Seriously though, there are a couple of gameplay stills released and it's easy to see that they're keen on making a decent action game (special move: the Shaqwave!)
We can't wait to check it out, but the developers are wary not to make the same mistakes Paris did when creating the first game (blame the French, they say).

Shaq Fu

So, if you're bored, try out Shaq Fu with your buddies and laugh at how anything can be marketed as a tie-in. This makes me happy. Life can be funny and nobody is perfect.
If you want to give them a second chance, or just plain want more, contribute to the indiegogo!
(To be fair, there was a mobile game released last year called "Shaqdown", but let's not count that).

NOTE: Just for fun, read the contribution levels. One contributor has pitched in 15k to get to have lunch and play BBall with Shaq at his house, and that's not even the highest level...


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If I had $400,000 lying around, I would most definitely spend it on a Shaq Fu sequel.