Ubisoft Hacked - Change Your Passwords!

The world was lacking some irony lately, so some hackers decided to attack the company that is currently working on a game that allows you to hack and exploit cell phones, traffic lights, and almost anything else electronic-based that you can think of. Ubisoft has even gone on to advertise the upcoming Watch Dogs with various forms of viral marketing that simulate computers being hacked, or ads that take a picture of you to place into said marketing ploys.

So why not hack Ubisoft? Thankfully, according to their press release on the matter, billing, and most private personal information was not compromised, but it is highly advised that you change your passwords, and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox and spam folders since e-mail addresses and account names were also collected.

This occurred through a browser exploit found in their "internal online systems", and not Ubisoft's Uplay feature as originally thought. You can read the press release here, but again, change your passwords! Maybe change all of them while you're at it, we all know how often we actually change our passwords compared to how often we should.