E3 2013: Ubisoft Press Conference - Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 4, New IPs and more!

Ubisoft was one of the biggest stars of E3 2012 when they unveiled Watch Dogs, which blew the minds of everyone in the audience. This year, let's see how they do with a few new IPs.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains starts the show, debuting Rocksmith 2014 Edition. He plays guitar by himself for a bit, before going in-game to change the song. He changes to a guitar that works with the game, and uses Kinect's voice controls to change the instruments that his in-game band plays, the music style, and the band itself and starts playing. Using session mode, he just starts to jam on a guitar and the band behind him in the game plays to match what he's doing. Here's the in-game demo.

Aisha Tyler enters the stage as host, joking to a mostly flat and dull crowd, but she may have just been that awkward. Wearing a #girlwood shirt, she says that Ubisoft is jumping in "belly first, ass out" into the next gen, and shows some more of Splinter Cell Blacklist. The new trailer is story-heavy, light on gameplay. An attack by terrorist group named The Engineers starts an attack on modern U.S.A., calling the attack the Blacklist. Video shows Sam Fisher taking out terrorists in Philadelphia, and looks very intense. Watch the trailer right here.

Time for Rayman Legends. A direct sequel to Rayman Origins, Legends brings back the whole gang, plus busty new character Barbara the barbarian/viking. Gameplay trailer shows off fancy new game mechanics supplementing the classic side-scrolling, including a random soccer game, and huge boss battles.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is announced, being basically a tower defense, but this time you kind of get to play as the boss of a castle. You build a castle and fill it with traps and monsters to protect the loot you've found after a long hunt. The announcement trailer is funny, starting off looking very childish, but then is filled with tons of bleeped out swearing.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is brought back from the depths with a new developer in Obsidian Entertainment, and the trailer is packed with fart jokes. Should be coming this holiday season, or as Cartman puts it "Or some holiday season, or some holiday season, hopefully kinda soon, you know how games are."

Aisha says it's time to get serious, it's next-gen time. They kick it off with The Crew, a racing game. The video shown is gorgeous, looked very live-action, and probably wasn't in-game, but still a phenomenal CG video. Looks better than Forza already, and is slated for early 2014. Julian Gerighty comes out to give us the goods. He says they're changing the status quo, wanting more variety. We can race in country sides, sand dunes, mountains, cities, practically the whole USA. It's open-world driving, where you infiltrate and taker over criminal organizations one by one, city to city. You choose your cars and customize them from the engine to the rims. You can play with or against friends, and blends single player and multiplayer as you go without ever entering a lobby. Every car you see could be controlled by AI or a rival at any point. They launch into a live demo, showing 4 main characters from across America who travel to Miami to pull off some heists. We see New York City, the hills of South Dakota, cliffs in Nevada (with Vegas in the background which can be driven into from here if you choose), and Miami itself. At the beginning of the presentation, Aisha was given a tablet, and in the back, she used it to make her own car for use in-game later on, which, if used right, could really help your gameplay while you're on the road or away from home.

Time for Watch Dogs. The main character's addiction to surveillance turned him into a vigilante, but he uses this power for good it seems, as he uses his phone to track a target, scramble nearby electronics, and turn off power in a city block to evade bad guys, and have his target arrested for human trafficking all in one trailer. They promise more surprises over the course of E3.

And now every gamer's dream game: Just Dance 2014. Pitbull, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Psy are announced. It will allow for 6 players at once, and you can chance the song in mid-song and mid-dance without stopping according to this trailer. Released this October 2013. To transition into their next announcement, they mention that Just Dance started as a mini-game in Raving Rabbids. Speaking of Rabbids, Rabbids Invasion is announced as an interactive TV show, partnered with Nickelodeon, and will be available "soon". As the episode happens, you can participate in the activities they do, and even urge them on by dancing or screaming at the TV, or throwing eggs at others on screen with motion controls, or by using your finger on a tablet/phone.

Now for the big guns: New trailer from Assassin's Creed IV. Our hero and his crew hang out in a bar which turns into a brawl as another pirate or member of the government enters, escaping via a ship that can be fit to shoot from the stern of the ship. He uses guns, swords, dual swords, a harpoon, hidden blades and the ship's wheel to kill his foes. The end of the trailer has a brief look at the Delicia, which was once sailed by Woodes Rogers whose misfortune might have been the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Jean Guesdon, creative director, researched why pirates were so exciting, and it's because they were ready to die young, living short but merry and free lives. You can explore however you want, you can find treasure, attack forts, raid caves, from the Caribbean to Mayan ruins. Showing in-game footage, well, many brief clips of in-game footage, we see that dual-wielding swords is actually a thing, and looks very fluid. You can swim and dive, and even encounter whales in-game.

Trials Fusion is announced, bringing the gameplay to consoles, with a new trick system, using the mobile game Trials Frontier as either a second screen, or just to play it handheld. Yves Guillemot is back on stage with Aisha, as they have one more thing to show us, another new IP.

From Massive Entertainment, we have a brand new online, open world RPG. Set around a U.S.A. that has crumbled due to the outbreak of a virus spread via dirty bank notes. We play as par of a shadow agency that was born from the president's "Directive 51". We start with a demo. The game is a third-person shooter, and looks phenomenal. NYC is in ruins, and we work together to complete our goals. The players all communicate well, and the HUD looks great, bringing up on screen menus on the fly, and a map which builds around your feet with a 3D display. The HUD has your fellow team mate's status, listing one guy as being AFK and that he was using a tablet. The console gamers were playing using an Xbox One controller it looked like. You can see potential areas to target, and mark them for later with your HUD, and can also scan various deaths you see, finding out if they're from trauma or disease. The AFK player joins in as the others enter a fire fight with enemies, and flies a small device that can shoot, mark enemies, and generally help the team with recon. You can scavage for water or food, but there's no word on how that helps. As they save police officers, they gain access to the armory and gain experience for skills and tools. The name is announced as Tom Clancy's The Division, and will be out for PS4 and Xbone, sometime in the future.

With that they end the conference. It appears as though this was more of a set-up for the Sony conference, who they have a special partnership with, which hopefully explains the brief looks at AC4 and Watch Dogs. Check out our Sony coverage later, and the rest of our E3 news later in the week.

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I was disappointed that we didn't get any actual gameplay from ACIV and Watch Dogs but they obviously made up for it at Sony. The Division looks fucking phenomenal too, like a more grounded Watch Dogs (the Tom Clancy title guarantees that too).