Developers Not Happy With Early Ouya Sales, But Ouya Is

Being on the market for around a month, you'd think the Ouya should have picked up some steam by now, right? Developers have spoken out to say that it really hasn't. While many gamers have flocked to Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon to pick up this $99 indie console, the developers are becoming concerned with how few of these gamers are actually buying games.

According to a poll done by Gamasutra, TowerFall is the highest grossing title on the console, bringing Matt Thorson around $21,000, but it only goes down from there, with many numbers in the low thousands, and even more in the mid-hundreds.

Many of the developers polled did not release actual figures, but the overwhelming feeling of disappointment seems to be nearly universal, unless you're Ouya's CEO Julie Uhrman. In an exclusive interview with The Verge, Julie says that the sales figures are actually higher than expected, sighting their lack of ability to build decades of franchises like other major consoles on the market, adding:


"To say 'developers can't make money on Ouya', I take offense to that. I'm sure the creators of TowerFall and Hidden in Plain Sight would take offense to that. The console has only been out for a month, and developers have only had access to the hardware for about 6 months. We really like what we see so far, and so do developers and gamers."

While it's true that they didn't utilize advertising campaigns to the extent of other console developers, you really do have to wonder how long the Ouya's steam will last. That said, Julie also noted that the number of registered developers has grown from 8,000 to 12,000 since March.

Only time will tell if the Ouya can remain an indie darling, or become the revolution that it so badly longs to become.

Stay tuned for more Ouya news, as well as our rundown of the top Ouya games and apps. In the meantime, check out our Ouya review.

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It sounds like a lot of the devs really can't be bothered with caring, at least the ones who ported their games as I'm sure it's not a huge deal to port from Android to Ouya (well, seeing as it is android), but the true test is going to be with exclusive games. Those numbers can only be disappointing considering the original hype though.