Batman: Arkham Origins News From Comic Con - Copperhead Debuts...With Some Major Alterations

As always, with a new Arkham game on the horizon, Bat-fans are clamoring for every detail we can get our hands on, and this year's San Diego Comic-Con obliged.

Copperhead, typically depicted as a snake-like male villain who has either been an extreme contortionist or a man who traded his soul to become merged with a snake (or both) will be joining the fray in Batman: Arkham Origins, but we're going to be seeing a different side of this character. First, he's a she, and second, she's less snakey, more Cirque du Soleil-ey, with some martial arts thrown in the mix. This change was made to reflect the revisions made to the character in DC's New 52 comics.

In other Bat-news, Robin has been completely ruled out due to Arkham Origins being a prequel in which Robin either wouldn't have been alive during, or would have only been a child, but they did mention the possibility of the inclusion of Batgirl. She exists in the first two Arkham games as Oracle, Batman's eye in the sky who assists him from a distance on his missions, having been shot in the spine by Joker, which could happen during the events of Arkham Origins game.

Also announced were two costumes named Batman One Million and Worst Nightmare Batman. As reported by Polygon, Worst Nightmare Batman will be available to those who have mastered the game and completed all challenges and objectives.

Check out the video below introducing Copperhead (who was motion captured by a Cirque du Soleil performer, a stunt person, and a martial artist), and stay tuned for more Batman and Comic-Con news!

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I don't really care one way or another if they change the character seeing as he/she really isn't all that important, but it's just funny considering New 52 sorta sucks.