After Father Jack counsels a parishioner, said parishioner wanders over to the New York V Healing Center and blows everything within the immediately vicinity straight into the afterlife.

Anna inflicts a chronic illness on the human-V hybrid daughter of Ryan Nichols and gets him to agree to hunt down the pesky 5th Column rebels who keep thwarting her plans for global domination.

Reporter Chad Decker, now a card-carrying member of the 5th Column, catches Erica’s undercover V partner, Malik, handing off bomb evidence to Marcus, Anna’s number one, and warns Father Jack that Erica is in danger. Erica and Malik’s tussle for a gun leads to a car accident, but Malik regains consciousness first.

Season 2 Episode 3: Laid Bare

Erica regains consciousness alone in the upside down car. Before she can unbuckle her seatbelt, Malik’s got her by the throat and they struggle until Erica gets free. The fight continues outside the car where Malik lays down a serious beatdown on Erica, then pauses to get her fangs on. I assume she can’t see anything now since her eyes are pushed way back to accommodate her gaping maw, and Erica is able to knock her back unconscious against a tree.

A truck roars up but it’s only Father Jack and Aussie rushing to Erica’s rescue. She tells them both Malik’s a visitor, and Aussie seems surprised despite last week’s brouhaha in the Israeli bomb maker’s warehouse. Aussie takes aim at Malik, but Erica orders her taken for interrogation instead. Somehow I suspect the grossness factor on this particular episode is about to increase substantially.

Aussie shoots out tires on the overturned car and blows the fuel tank to fake a cover story Erica can use on her FBI boss to explain her injuries and Malik’s disappearance.

On the NY ship Lisa is naked face down on a bed and awakens to find her human cloned skin now glowing green and scaly on one arm. In comes Anna who tells her not to be afraid, that she is growing her breeding skin. I saw a nature show once, and apparently changes in skin color are not uncommon for some reptiles so props to the writers for watching the National Geographic channel and ripping off some solid source material here.

After Anna promises to make Lisa into a queen just like herself, she goes to see her own mother and if you wanna know what they say here, read last week’s recap cause it’s just the same old same about daughters betraying mothers. Yeah I get all the foreshadowing but can we move on now please? Jane Badler is a good actress who deserves better than to repeat the same old warnings to Anna and I’m bored now. Moving on.

Back at the car wreck Erica sells her boss, Agent Paul (Yay! He has a name!), the cover story about 5th Column members attacking them and swiping Malik. Turns out the farmhouse lead he originally sent her on was a dead end, so he orders her home and off the case, which is exactly what Erica wants despite all protests to the contrary. If she ever decides to stop being an FBI agent she can always try acting.

Back on the ship Marcus warns Anna that Malik has been kidnapped, and Anna is worried that Malik’s true undercover mission may be exposed. She orders trackers sent to recover Malik. She holo-calls Ryan and shows him his no longer in pain daughter, then orders him to find Malik and bring her names of the 5th Column members by night, when the Bliss effect will wear off on the kid.

Lab Rat is showing Erica a computer graphic representation of Tyler’s wonky DNA. I’m no doctor but it looks like about half of it is missing, in which case he shouldn’t be walking around on this show and I’d probably like this storyline a whole lot more. Lab Rat tells Erica that the V’s wanted this space to be empty, and the implication is that they plan on filling it up with something else. Personally I’m hoping that when Lisa spawns she plants the eggs on Tyler and they slowly eat him alive. In case you missed it, I hate this character and pretty much every storyline connected with him.

Aussie has Malik chained to his basement ceiling and I’m having to work really hard here not to turn this into some kind of kinky S&M recap. Erica’s PO’d that Tyler’s been DNA tweaked. Lab Rat approaches Malik to get some DNA from a reproductive female so he can try to figure out what they are planning for Tyler, and I really hope the writers are reading my idea in the previous paragraph here. Make sure you cite me and I want royalties too.

Ryan shows just in time – he always does - and warns Lab Rat about the fangs and killer tail. He also offer up a crash course in Visitor Torture 101, claiming that Vs have high pain thresholds and the only way to get Malik to talk is to skin her. That will also apparently kill her about 30 minutes after, but other than Anna and the actress playing Malik, I’m willing to bet no one really cares about the side effect.

Erica only wants to know about Tyler (sigh) and thinks that having had two V partners means he’s supremely important. Since Anna keeps spouting this tripe too, it seems likely.

Speaking of the brat, here is he on the spaceship bonding with Anna by ratting out Father Jack and how he’s tried to warn his mother against the priest. Naturally, this piques Anna’s interest enormously.

Back to the basement where Aussie’s tree-cam shows trackers trying to zero in on Malik. Ryan takes a cigar cutter and slices off Malik’s right index finger, but presumably not to smoke it. I was right about the grossness factor on this week’s episode. Wish I wasn’t.

He and Erica head over to Malik’s apartment where they find and empty her stash of emergency cash, and find some foreign passports and police IDs, along with a truly cool V computer that shows Malik has been tracking people that pre-date her own arrival on earth. The trackers show up, so Erica and Ryan try to erase their scent by blowing up the apartment.

Anna asks Chad to interview Father Jack, supposedly to provide an open forum for him to air his views about the Vs. Father Jack agrees, believing that if he becomes a bigger target it is less likely that Anna can actually hurt him. Oh Jack, it was nice knowing you.

All of the people on Malik’s V computer are missing and untraceable, and our small bad of rebels hover around the computer pretty much just griping about it and wondering what Anna’s up to.

What Anna is up to is soul extraction, courtesy of the now loyal Joshua, and Lisa is expected to participate too. Despite Malik being gone, her shipment of humans required for the experimentation is on schedule. Joshua expects to need a couple hundred thousand subjects to perfect the technique, because the mortality rate on this particular procedure is 100%.

A V injects a drug into a girl walking down an alley and tosses her into the back of his dry cleaning van along with a dozen other victims. I know he’s a V because he shows me his creepy lizard eyeballs, even though Joshua just explained that a bunch of subjects were required right now for his evil experiments. I guess the writers don’t trust me to put two and two together and get four.

Malik’s computer leads Ryan to discover a girl named Sophie Allen is about to be kidnapped, which they all decide to prevent.

Father Jack’s evening service is ruined by a V who starts a brawl in the church, claiming Jack is responsible for the bombing and not the V’s. Point to Anna on this one, but Jack derails the mob by claiming full responsibility.

Erica and Ryan find Sophie’s mother who says she ran away 6 months earlier. She gives them a photo of Sophie and they return to the basement to focus on Malik. Lab Rat protests the imminent death of his test subject, since the lizards degrade so quickly after death and thereby ruin his evil experiments.

In the original interview Father Jack speaks out against violence towards the Vs, but Anna does a lot of creative editing and uploads a viral video that makes him look like a dangerous malcontent. She thanks Chad for his help in putting a planet-wide target on Father Jack’s back.

Erica is trying to make a decision on the skinning of Malik, and in the process bonds nicely with Ryan on the choices parents must make to protect their own child, even at the expense of someone else’s. When Malik refuses to play ball, Erica tells Aussie to skin her. OK that’s just gross. OMG I can’t look! OK yes I can. I’ve had some booze just in case.

Commercial break and I’ve refreshed my adult beverage. Aussie offers Malik a choice: drugs to keep her alive for ten hours of slow and excruciating torture or a sedative so she can die peacefully. It’s a rhetorical question though because he just goes ahead and injects her with the epinephrine. Hey, Aussie, that’s not a choice!

A bit more torture (gag) and Malik spills her guts about the kidnappings, but she doesn’t know anything about Anna’s plans for Tyler. Aussie injects Malik with the sedative and thank God because I enjoyed this alcohol going down but I suspect it’ll be a lot less pleasant if it comes back up again.

I dunno if our rebels call the Psychic Hotline for whereabouts on this van or what, but they find it and rescue Sophie from her V kidnapper, who swallows a handy dandy self-immolation capsule. Bet the spy world would just love to get their mitts on this particular piece of V technology. Aussie stops Erica from charging a shuttle where the kidnapped people have been loaded onto.

Joshua offers up praise for Lisa, who is apparently apprenticing in medicine as well as royal etiquette lessons. On the lab table is a human test subject, in no way a volunteer, who does the usual begging and pleading. Joshua’s contraption extracts all things they already know about – muscle, tissue, blood and bone – in the theory that whatever remains afterward will be the soul.

Pause the PVR! After another pit stop at the bar fridge I’m now back in my chair for the second torture scene of the week. OK the second one wasn't so bad.

Lisa’s compassion worries Anna, who orders the torture stopped and tells her kid to basically suck it up, buttercup, cause you’re gonna be Queen soon. She tells Lisa to finish the procedure instead of Joshua, so Lisa puts on her game face and does as she’s told.

Erica and Ryan deliver a conveniently forgetful Sophie back to her mother. Much crying and hugging ensues, and our rebel heroes pat themselves on the back, then bond a bit more over the whole parenthood thing.

Chad shows Jack the viral video. Jack tells Chad the 5th Column is bigger than both of them, regardless of personal risks. He panders to Chad’s ego and then takes him to see the others down in the Bat Cave. They show Chad what’s left of Malik and the lizard skin that the Vs keep hidden.

Anna’s doctored footage came courtesy of Tyler, who caught the whole church fight on his cell phone. Although she claims to feel like his mother, Anna comes across more like a seductress here as she continues to bond with her enemy’s child.

Speaking of which, Lisa runs to Erica for comfort after killing the man in Joshua’s Happy House of Horrors. Erica hugs Lisa and tells her that she won’t let Anna ruin her.

Back to the Dagobah system where Anna gets yet another warning from Queen Mother about what Lisa will become. Then off to see Ryan who wants to hold his daughter, and tells Anna he found the 5th Column and knows who took Malik.

Faith people! Think of it this way: if Ryan rats out Erica and their little posse, the show is over. Last time I checked it’s only the end of Episode 3.

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