Zoo S01E06 Recap: "This is What it Sounds Like"

For those wishing "Zoo" featured a much more realistic portrayal of the human race, well they were certainly satisfied this week. Turns out we're just as dysfunctional as the animals themselves, only perhaps a bit more a capable of concealing ulterior motives. That is, up until the point these shady characters think they stand a chance at besting main protagonist #1 in a stairwell fist fight.

Agent Schaeffer (if that even is his real name) had been almost too good to be true from the get-go. In hindsight, this seems alarmingly obvious—and he almost got away with it too. I understand that in the moment, she may have been weak. But Jamie, maybe next time when the first question out of a smooth-talking stranger's mouth is "so, where's the only other person alive right now who knows you're here," don't be so eager to let him in your isolated little hotel room. Lucky for everyone involved that Jackson was around just in time to stomp out any real threat from a runaway Mother Cell, with some help of course from a suddenly stoic Jamie and one misplaced handgun.

Even though it's not entirely his fault; Oz's father remains a primary recurring figure in this mess because of his research and Jackson is left to pick up the pieces and deal with the consequences of whatever actions were taken for the sake of science. This is funny, if only because it evokes the same struggles the Marvel universe has with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Don't forget that without the former's stubbornness and repeated scientific stumbles—there'd be no need for all three Iron Man movies and even "Age of Ultron" to exist. Everything would have been just fine without Stark mucking everything up! The same could (sort of) be applied to the aforementioned Oz family.

As we learned, through means still unexplained, the elder Oz gave Evan Lee Hartley his case of "defiant eye," one that presumably led the convict on his initial murdering spree. It also probably played into the fact the prison wolves regarded him as their alpha—suggesting that he was just as communicative with their plans as all the other wolves were on that fateful day. (However, that does kind of ignore the reason they've left his side since) Wouldn’t it be easier to coerce the eye doctor into the procedure and/or stave off any outside threats during the process if 2 or 3 of his furry friends were still in tow? Furthermore, wouldn't the wolves be a little upset to learn that their leader was actively trying to remove himself from the pack? I'm not inside the mind of these murderous creatures, but I can't imagine they'd be too thrilled with their boss if they discovered he sold out to rejoin the mostly human race.

Meanwhile, few scenes in this episode moved slower than the ones featuring Mitch and Chloe rambling on while piecing together their homemade bat repellent. I'm not sure how many times we needed to be reminded that if they don't make the bats go away, the evil Brazilian drug lord would kill them, but it seems like that sentiment was reiterated least 4 or 5 times.

I'm happy to see the gang all back together again, as they were at the episode's conclusion. If only for the exciting new wrinkle that goes with their story—the animals are no longer the only ones with blood on their hands…or paws, I guess.

Some Other Notes:

• Speaking of slow scenes, our weekly glimpse of animal chaos taking place on other parts of the globe involved a lonely bear in a decadent Paris kitchen this time around. Really, he was just looking for a snack. He probably just made the frantic, fear-stricken woman hide in the closet for laughs. After all, he could have easily broken down the door and mauled her in seconds, but he seemed all to content moseying about the kitchen in search of good eats. For a bear with murder on its mind, he didn't appear too motivated.

• Mitch's inevitable phone call to his daughter probably went about as expected. She seems none too interested in reuniting with the man who reduced her to an exceptional state of loneliness following her diagnosis—nor is he real good at putting together much of a conversation. One thing I was surprised to see was the family dog still as calm as ever. I was kind of hoping for a sinister little glint to come across his eye, or a slight raising of the lip to reveal an eerie grin underneath the façade of everyone's favorite house pet. But nope, the cast is still on and he's still the loveable dog that he is. Let's just say he's not quite on the same level as the lions with their insatiable taste for human flesh…but he will be soon.

• Safe to say that, when all this is said and done, Abraham should run the South American drug cartels. He's pretty imposing and remarkably capable of getting his way.