It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S09E04 Recap: "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare"

For the past nine seasons, Dennis has been absolutely sure about a few things:

1. He’s smarter than any of his friends
2. He’s better looking than any of his friends
3. Higher intelligence and “street smarts” notwithstanding, all of his friends are stupid, naïve fools whose lives would be in ruins without him

Of course that philosophy is flawed, for Mac, Charlie, Dee and Frank are more than capable of existing on their own, but that fact has never been something Dennis has acknowledged. When he’s not scheming, he’s manipulating. And when he’s somehow caught on the outside of a magnificent ruse (as seen in the season premiere some weeks back) it drives him to near insanity.

So when an episode comes along like this one, “Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare,” the audience is conditioned to believe that something went very, very wrong for our egotistical protagonist. How could Dennis fall victim to the same amount of gullibility that lies in the very fabric of the gang’s delicately stitched persona? It’s a predicament that poses more questions than answers, so let’s dive right in order to appreciate just how dimwitted he really can be.

At Paddy’s, Dee is in the midst of a sales presentation for “Invigaron,” a natural berry supplement that can be found in the Swiss mountains and has been proven to help alpacas survive harsh winters year after year. As an added benefit, the berries reduce stress levels. Charlie is immediately convinced and is quick to jump on Dee’s side for the consumption and sale of these magnificent berries, along with all their powerful antioxidants and…yeah, antioxidants that are super powerful. A stress level test at the hands of Dee’s delightfully silly machine reveals his stress level to be at an unparalleled 157 units. Alarmed, confused and just plain riled up, Charlie is left with no other options.

Mac and Dennis on the other hand, see right through this scheme. Their eyes are attracted to the free set of golf clubs that Dee acquired by sitting through a 20 minute presentation for Invigaron as a parting gift of sorts. Realizing that there couldn’t possibly be any strings attached to a free set of golf clubs, they insist on attending that same, brief seminar with every intention of outsmarting any individual who crossed their path. They could have probably accomplished this on their own, but to ensure that the unnamed smooth-talking salesman won’t catch them off-guard, they seek out Frank for sage business advice.

He’s caught in a truly unique predicament. Frank is stuck in the middle of a metal coil on a children’s playground without any clothes on. How this happened is not answered, how does anything happen really? Mac and Dennis see this opportunity as the perfect use of leverage, as they’ll get the advice they need first in order for Frank to get help out of his swirled, blue version of hell. It works, as Mac and Dennis leave the play-yard satisfied while Frank remains utterly helpless and alone.

At the seminar, Mac and Dennis aren’t offered the chance to sell Invigaron, but instead invest in a timeshare that’s almost too good to be true. Based in sunny Orlando, Florida, the luxiourious condo is a gold mine just waiting to be snatched up. Under the impression that buying three weeks of the rental would result in other poor saps paying for the two of them to vacation, they jump right in with nary a question asked.

Selling that timeshare becomes more of a problem than they anticipated however, the same of which can be said of Dee and Charlie’s business venture. When Frank alerts them all to the fact that they got caught up in a pyramid scheme, they become incensed and demand their hard-earned cash back from the cheery salesman who remains at ease in his Invigaron placarded business room. It is there where all four members of the gang are delighted to find an out clause that can be activated with a simple one-time cancellation fee.

The funniest part of it all is that they don’t realize the immediate consequences of their quick actions. And oh yeah, that crazy (and by all accounts, homeless) guy they’ve been unsuccessfully trying to void? Turns out he was the best salesman of all.

Any chance the series has to exploit high-minded business schemes, it never disappoints. From Frank’s incredulous knowledge of the subject while at the same time being imprisoned by a children’s play toy is just too fantastic for words. Furthermore, the number of pegs that Dennis has been knocked down this season continue to grow at an incredible pace. Never before have we seen him take so many hits after one another. As Mac predicted in the season premiere, “he might go kill himself now.” This morbidly enough, probably isn’t too far from the truth.

A return from Ben the Soldier to the series was a positive one. Dee’s ex-boyfriend and decorated war veteran is just too charming and innocent for his own good, even when those around him take to extreme measures to re-introduce the stress he endured in his traumatic past.

But of course, the highlight of the episode was Frank. He was just being himself after all, his crazed, delusional and perpetually creepy self. Yet one thing is for certain, we know what he wasn’t doing on the playground.

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George Prax's picture

So glad to see Rowdy Roddy Piper back. Great episode!

George Prax's picture

Also, fun story, they're making fun of the exact same pyramid scheme someone tried to lure me into a couple of years ago. Acai berries or some shit.