It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S08E03 Recap: "The Maureen Ponderossa Wedding Massacre"

A wedding in the middle of the woods is a little creepy in its own right. Add to that a family of crazed unibrow-sporting creatures and a dangerous beverage concoction and you’ve got a recipe for the most terrifying episode of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ yet. Also hilarious. Spookily good, if you will.

Dennis’s estranged ex-wife Maureen is getting married and he is hell-bent on making sure it happens so he can stop paying alimony. The groom-to-be is none other than Liam McPoyle, sworn enemy of the gang and a product of over one thousand years of in-family breeding. That particular issue reaches full-scale proportions when we are given a glimpse at not just a few family members but all of them packed into one small wedding chapel. Regardless, the task seems simple enough (it’s a matter of getting two different signatures on a piece of paper)—except that Frank and Dee want the exact opposite to happen purely for their own selfish reasons. Also, Frank claims he is attending to support his Alcoholics Anonymous partner through this exciting time in his family’s life. What sort of advice he offers…well, it leaves a lot to be desired. And it surely wouldn’t be looked upon too kindly by the foundation’s superiors.

Dennis is surprised when he finds Maureen has artificially enhanced her appearance. This causes him to suddenly second-guess his decision. It lasts only a few moments at first, but the sentiment grows inside his mind. Mac and Charlie are also along for the ride, but soon become bloodied objects of desire.

Prior to the gang’s departure and for unexplained reasons, each wedding-goer begins to behave in a very strange way. Some are crawling or sliding along the floor as though they have lost all bodily control of their limbs. They moan loudly and engage in ominous conversations with themselves. It doesn’t take long to realize their insatiable hunger will only be solved by human flesh. It appears that even Sweet Dee is infected by the unnamed virus in a moment that sees her wildly attack Mac and Charlie as they attempt to escape. By all accounts, these individuals have spontaneously transformed into zombies. The only escape to be found is through the darkened, un-blazed wilderness trails. Eventually though, they are found.

The events of that afternoon are explained in flashbacks by the gang as they are interrogated by local law enforcement officials. Maureen is missing, and suspect number one (or two and three and four and five, really) are seated in stainless steel chairs right before the officers. Not only is the predicament new territory for the gang, but potentially dangerous for anyone associated with the presumed massacre.

If this sounds delightfully off-kilter for a ‘Sunny’ episode—good; it was surely constructed in that fashion and in the process becomes this season’s best episode yet. Directed by series-newcomer Richie Keen (in what, according to IMDB, is the first of four consecutive that he’ll helm) this week’s show packed an assortment of things normally not found around these parts, all of which more hilarious than the last. Zombie chase scenes aside; Charlie’s ‘Jaws’ monologue was beautiful and just fitting in so many ways. One might wager that Maureen’s re-introduction might see more from her down the road. In terms of the trauma it causes Dennis, let’s hope so.

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Fun fact: The McPoyle guy who was talking about eating babies was actually Guillermo Del Toro, who got a cameo on the show because of Charlie Day, who's in his upcoming movie Pacific Rim.

Great episode. Instant classic and one of the best in the series.

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Nice detailed article …..nice work…hats off to the blogger..