'Prometheus' and 'Ted' Among Summer Films to Get Sequels

It’s no secret that a film’s box office success or lack thereof is important for the studios which finance each picture. Strong reviews and attendance fuel the fire for additional installments of a similar flick. It also proves crucial for the creative team involved; whether that means a maligned director being cast out to oblivion (Martin Brest hasn’t worked on any movie in any capacity since helming ‘Gigli’) or a leading actor who proves time and time again to be anything but bankable (certified 2012 dud Taylor Kitsch). It’s easy to see why the hundreds of people involved with the final product hold their collective breaths come Sunday evening when weekend estimates are released.

This summer has been ripe with franchise hopefuls—i.e. big-budget features which go all in hoping for a greenlit sequel or two when things are all said and done. Some have been wildly successful, while others have struggled to leave the smallest of dents in the domestic figures. Late last week, The Hollywood Reporter compiled an excellent list of recently-released films which have been commissioned for a sequel and which ones will not. Be sure to check out the full article here, but we’ve provided a handy guide below which highlights all ten of the movers and shakers of summer 2012. All figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo.


1. ’Prometheus’ Production Budget: $130 million – Current Domestic Gross: $125.9 million
It would be an understatement to say that Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi left a few questions unanswered. (Spoilers, obviously, but this is fantastic.) Thus, a sequel only makes sense and Fox has to be thrilled with the numbers. The domestic total is a little misleading because it went on to make over $184 million in the foreign market, which is more than enough to order a new script and plan for another journey to the far end of the galaxy. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the studio is actively pushing ahead for another film with Scott, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Yet another nugget of good news (depending on if you prefer your entertainment with some modicum of logic) with this project is that Damon Lindelof may not be around to write the next script. New scribes are presently being sought with a release date sometime in 2014 or 2015.

2. ‘Ted’ Production Budget: $50 million – Current Domestic Gross: $209.9 million
The sheer number of those who gather around their televisions to watch ‘Family Guy’ re-runs is incredible. Seriously. In some sense, we shouldn’t have underestimated the appeal behind a Seth MacFarlane-directed raunchy teddy bear comedy…but we all did. The film has more than quadrupled its budget domestically and currently sits fifth all-time among live-action movies that have starred a CGI character. (And by all indications it will pass the first two ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks’ features and Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’ to pull into second place) The decision for another installments is almost solely in the hands of MacFarlane, who quipped earlier this year at Comic-Con that he’d “be open to making Ted 2.” Sounds like it will happen.

3. ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Production Budget: $170 million – Current Domestic Gross: $154.3 million
(Read our review) Universal’s other crowning achievement is this gritty fairy-tale retelling which turned out a pretty profit on its worldwide numbers (an additional $234 mill.). Plans for a sequel were in the works before the film even opened, so one could ascertain it was only a matter of it doing well enough to warrant the full go-ahead for the production team involved. What’s interesting now is the torrid affair between director Rupert Sanders and tween-darling Kristen Stewart that is sweeping newsrooms across the nation. Will Sanders be allowed to return? Will Stewart be able to maintain respect on the set? Will the franchise be mired in controversy if either party goes unpunished for their despicable act? Plenty of questions have been raised but sadly, no definitive answers have accompanied them. Although a THR insider notes that Stewart’s contract with Universal “includes sequel language, while Sanders’ does not.”

4. ‘Magic Mike’ Production Budget: $7 million – Current Domestic Gross: $112.2 million
The final surprise smash of the summer comes in the form of a Channing Tatum biopic. Well, sort of. But he was stripping before his acting career took off and just look at where he is now! Shortly after the film’s $39 million opening weekend, the actor himself confirmed that he is at work on a new script alongside producing partner Reid Carolin. (Also, this hasn’t even be released worldwide yet) Warner Bros. will reportedly be first in line for distribution rights to a sequel, although it is uncertain if director Steven Soderbergh will return. He’s spent the last few years teasing and then un-teasing his retirement from the industry. Ladies, feel free to stand up and rejoice for Tatum and his abs will return. You know, it’s almost a wonder this thing wasn’t shot in 3-D.

5. ‘Men in Black 3’ Production Budget: $225 million – Current Domestic Gross: $176.6 million
(Read Our Review) Yet another film where overseas figures (over $443 million) have revived this once creatively-starved franchise, ‘MIB 3’ rebounded to an impressive summer haul. For comparison’s sake, the total gross is even larger than the first two films. Sony has said that they are committed to prolonging the franchise and one shouldn’t expect star Will Smith to stray from his billion-dollar wheelhouse. Producer Steven Spielberg has also noted that further installments of the franchise would be worthwhile.

6. ’The Amazing Spider-Man’ Production Budget: $230 million – Current Domestic Gross: $255.5 million
(Read Our Review and spoiler discussion) Sony had no choice but to shoot for the stars with this re-boot and thankfully for them it worked. With relatively new director Marc Webb and a cast featuring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and Martin Sheen, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ encompassed nearly every dollar made over the 4th of July weekend. The studio even scheduled a sequel (May 14, 2014) well before this version even made it to theaters, so start baselessly speculating which villains will appear next opposite Spidey. It’s still unknown if Fox will allow Webb to direct the next film for Sony or not, because when the director pens what’s essentially an I.O.U., multi-billion dollar studios take them very seriously. That or they just like to be big jerks; probably the latter.


7. ‘Battleship’ Production Budget: $209 million - Current Domestic Gross: $65.2 million
The board game-based film which included all the extra-terrestrials which Hasbro surely forgot to include opened to low numbers and laughable reviews. While a $25 million debut isn’t exactly paltry, it does little to sooth the minds of Universal executives who carved out an exhausting advertising campaign only to lose to ‘The Avengers’ third-week numbers. Also worth pointing out that this debacle has most likely halted future Hasbro adaptations like Candyland, Clue and Monopoly from seeing the screen anytime soon. That might not be a bad thing, especially with rumors flying that Ridley Scott was in the running for the ‘Monopoly’ director’s chair. Consider sanity saved…for now.

8. ‘Total Recall’ Production Budget: $125 million - Current Domestic Gross: $31.7 million
Just like ‘Battleship,’ this Colin Farrell redux opened in second place to a movie in its third week of release, hardly the draw that Sony was hoping for. Its second weekend outing was even worse—a 68% drop (from $25.5 mill. to $8.1 mill.) came as a result of middling returns and horrible word-of-mouth. The film will need some outstanding overseas grosses to come even close to breaking even on the production budget, but don’t count on that happening.

9. ‘Rock of Ages’ Production Budget: $75 million - Current Domestic Gross: $38.4 million
10. ‘That’s My Boy’ Production Budget: $70 million – Current Domestic Gross: $36.9 million

Okay, deep breath. I know you’re distraught to learn that these two June releases bombed spectacularly upon their respective releases. You might say to yourself, “but how could people so blatantly ignore a musical extravaganza featuring Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Brand???” Well, pretty easily actually. Same goes for Adam Sandler’s latest raunchy turn which failed to find an audience. Also it was pretty bad. Neither film may have even given a pass anyway, but it’s worth including these when mentioning the summer’s biggest bombs.

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George Prax's picture

I'm fine with most of those movies getting sequels frankly. Enjoyed most of them. Prometheus needs a sequel directed by James Cameron lol

Patrick Bach's picture

James Cameron is more of an artist than a story teller. He often uses very 'tried and true' story telling mechanisms to convey his message, which is fine and has worked for him so far in his career (see: Avatar)

I think Promotheus doesn't need such a 'safe' storytelling approach and while I do think the amount of illogical actions/plot holes are high in Promotheus, I still loved for for it's storytelling approach.

George Prax's picture

I was joking since he made Aliens after Scott Tongue. I hear Scott's coming back for the sequel anyway, but they need to keep Lindelof away from the script.