'The Walking Dead' Premieres Intense Season 5 Trailer At Comic-Con 2014

The fourth season of The Walking Dead was superb, and it's about time people started coming to terms with that. Being one of the most popular shows on television, and facing a rough path to becoming also one of the better shows on the medium will always come with its detractors, but it wouldn't be fair to deny TWD the fact that it massively improved over the last season.

It fixed a lot of its mistakes from the prior year, gave The Governor a proper send-off, and found what could have been a fleeting balance between action, set-pieces, drama and characterization. For maybe the first time since the first season when Frank Darabont was running it actually felt like a real drama and not just your run of the mill zombie show. And I know that it might be a tough pill to swallow for all audiences. Some kinds of fans want it to be that kind of zombie show, others want it to be more faithful to the comics, people like me just want it to be good. Here's the thing though, I really feel like this last season brought all of those things. The latest showrunner, Scott Gimple, has managed to bring back that drama that it had trouble with after Darabont, all while balancing everything else anyone might feel like the love about TWD.

As much as I'm swooning over it, it certainly wasn't perfect, but that's also kind of a good thing, because it leaves a lot of room for improvement in season 5. And the trailer for that season, which, as has become tradition, premiered during Comic-Con weekend in San Diego, certainly gives us all the right chills.

It looks as if the season will premiere right where we left it a few months ago, with a few motherfuckers stuck in a train container, and things understandably and quickly get out of control:

I think we all expected season 5 to start taking the journey towards Washington, as it has been prescribed in the comics, with Dr. Eugene's promise (or at least claim) of having a cure for the virus. What wasn't expected is that they would be taking the cannibals along with them, which is an interesting swerve. Seeing the tension unfold between those two groups will definitely be fun, especially with Rick and the gang at their absolute lowest point in five seasons. Add to that the promise of this being the darkest, goriest season yet and it's hard not to get excited. If for no other reason than Andrew Lincoln's increasingly epic beard.

Also mentioned at the show's Hall H panel was that we would see a Terminus origin episode, that the DVD would have an uncensored version of the "messing with the wrong people" line like in the comics, and that Seth Gilliam from The Wire would be joining the cast as Father Stokes. There were also promises of the group returning to familiar settings. And we also saw Beth's character in an unusual jail-like setting, which should be fun.

The Walking Dead season 5 is set to premiere on AMC on October 12th, 2014.