Netflix Sets December Premiere For Lilyhammer Season 2

In the vast sea of original programming that Netflix gave us in 2013, a lot of people may have forgotten about Lilyhammer. Before Orange Is The New Black and the new season of Arrested Development, before even House of Cards, one of the streaming service's first (and successful) attempts at original programming was a little show called Lilyhammer, which premieres early in 2012, alongside its broadcasting on Norwegian television.

The show is about Frank Tagliano, a New York City gangster played by The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt, who is transposed to Norway and the town of Lillehammer, which he was intrigued with after seeing it during the 1994 Olympics, via the Witness Protection Program, after he rats on his fellow Mafiosos.

Season one mostly deals with Frank's attempts to try and rebuild his life in this foreign land, but he soon gets the itch for his old ways, and takes over the criminal underworld of Lillehammer. He also buys a bar called the Flamingo, and impregnates his girlfriend Igrid.

Season 2 has already premieres in Norway to good reviews, but the entire season will drop on Netflix this side of the Atlantic on December 13th, 2013, nearly two years after its season 1 premiere. All eight episodes will of course be available on day one, as usual.

Netflix has made the trailer for the new season available, and you can watch it below, along with the poster for the upcoming season.