Taken 3 Trailer: Liam Neesons Channels His Inner Richard Kimble

We've seen Bryan Mills display his particular set of skills twice now. But for all the throat ripping he's done, he can't seem to keep his damned family from getting kidnapped. The makers of Taken 3 (I refuse to refer to it as Tak3n, sorry) have come up with an interesting solution to a conceit the series needed to get away from dearly. Get rid of the family.

Sounds simple right? That way you don't have to shoehorn in another kidnapping plot, you can keep the overarching plot of the trilogy, in terms of Albanian revenge for what Mills did in the first movie, and you can create this situation where Mills is framed for the murder of his wife, unleashing him to create having on American soil.

The result is an action-packed trailer that seems reinvigorated after a second movie that was more of the same. I liked it, but I can see how audiences may have felt fatigued from seeing basically the same movie twice. This definitely seems different, as you'll see in the first trailer below, and that's exactly what a new Taken needed.

The hilarious part however is how changing the plot and going in this direction basically just makes it The Fugitive, but I think we're okay with that.

Whether or not Taken 3 can breathe new life into a franchise that's become the butt of a lot of jokes remains to be seen, but we were definitely surprised to see this end result from the trailer, so it definitely deserves a shot to win audiences back. And really, it's questionable if they even needed to win anyone back, with the second film having made $375 million at the box office across the world.

Starring, of course, Liam Neesons, Maggie Grace, and Forrest Whitaker, and directed by Olivier Megaton, Taken 3 hits theaters January 9th, 2015.

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I really love this movie I learned a lot and I also enjoyed this as well. Thank you so much for posting this. <3
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