Is 'Big Eyes' Tim Burton's Best Chance At A Proper Oscar Hit In Years? [Trailer]

We're right in the middle of Oscar season, yet reviewers and film aficionados alike are still struggling to find enough movies to fill their Oscar ballots. Sure, it's still early, but by late September we usually have a good enough idea thanks to the bevy of film festivals leading up the usual Oscar-predictor in the Toronto International Film Festival.

And while TIFF did provide confirmation that movies like The Imitation Game and Foxcatcher would be contenders, and we already know that Boyhood will be a strong contender - and a few upcoming films like Gone Girl and Birdman will certainly be in the conversation, it still seems like somewhat of a light year so far.

Enter the trailer for Big Eyes, and while it's easy to get excited for a movie based on a minute and a half of the best it has to offer (that's kind of the point of a trailer), it could very well be that we have another Oscar contender to talk about. After all, the film is getting an Oscar-y Christmas Day release, and stars two Oscar winners in Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

The film follows Margaret and Walter Keane, a real-life couple known in the 50s and 60s for kitsch paintings of people with large eyes. While Margaret was the actual artist, Walter took credit for her work claiming no one would buy paintings from a woman.

Here's the trailer:

What's especially interesting is that the movie comes from Tim Burton, a director who's work hasn't evoked such reactions since the mid-nineties. Even weirder, nowhere in the trailer will you find the likes of Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp, and the closest thing to a Tim Burtonism is maybe Jason Schwartzman or people with big eyes.

Otherwise, this seems like totally new territory for Burton, a return to form if you will, and that's exciting, because anyone who's followed Burton's career knows that he has this kind of thing in him. He just tends to get distracted by the idiosyncratic hats of his wife and favorite actor. It might also help that the script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flint, Man on the Moon) is said to be wonderful, so maybe it has hard for him to mess with it too much, and their previous collaboration with Burton in Ed Wood is probably a good example of that.

Could it be that come Oscar season, we'll finally be talking about Tim Burton for best director? Or is this trailer nothing but smoke and mirrors? That remains to be seen, but it definitely seems like it has a lot going for it. And at the very least, it's nice to be able to get excited for a Tim Burton movie again.