Supernatural S09E21 Review: "King of the Damned"

Last night Castiel showed us his spiffy new Angel Rebel headquarters, Crowley makes up with his estranged son, and Abaddon bets against the Winchesters and loses. Turns out that Dean's mark not only makes him bloodthirsty as all altogether, but it also makes him immune to all manner of demon tricks.

This is what Supernatural fans have been waiting for. After last week's disastrous spinoff pilot, this week was such a welcome relief. I've said it about a hundred times this season - they are much stronger when they do big plot episodes than with the stand alone filler. This episode had everything I wanted; action, Crowley being human, Abaddon dying and some good catch up time with Castiel.

On Castiel's side, it seems that despite all of his efforts to avoid a leadership position, a large group of angels have basically imprinted on him like baby ducks. Their HQ is pretty impressive with lots of maps and blinking lights. Castiel is still searching for a diplomatic solution to the Metatron problem, and hoping to see an end to Angel on Angel violence. So when they nab a loud mouth angel that says that he and Metatron are BFFs, Castiel decides to farm the job of torture and interrogation to his two best goons Sam and Dean.

I'm sure I was not alone in thinking that Dean was going to take this opportunity to let his bloodlust run wild (Sam certainly looked concerned). The truth though was a lot funnier. They basically tricked the hapless idiot into spilling his guts by making fun of him. After discovering that Metatron is gearing up for something big, with ground crews and special units, and that he had a portable door back into heaven, they left. Unfortunately, it seems like Castiel's men are not all as loyal as we'd like them to be. Someone killed the prisoner before anything else could be learnt.

I can't help but wonder if Castiel is actually the one who killed him. He might still be under Metatron's control, and all of this might still be according to his evil plan. If that is true, then Gadreel better watch himself because his loyalty is being tested.

On Crowley's side, he has found Abaddon. Unfortunately it was not at all on his terms. She convinced his advisors to flip on him and then threatened him with the torture of his son who she plucked from the past. Since his blood problem made him a great big softy, he quickly gave in to her demands that he summon the Winchesters to her for a trap. But, as always, Crowley managed to find the loophole by warning Dean using the Winchester's codeword.

Dean neglected to mention the warning to Sam though. Instead he sent him out of the line of fire to check out the basement while he took care of Abaddon. Sam arrived just in time to see Dean brutally stabbing Abaddon to death. You can definitely see that Sam is worried about his brother, the looks he gave him similar to Dean's reaction to his demon blood fueled powers in the fourth season. However, their heart to heart in the car later didn't seem to have much effect, as Dean refused to stash the blade somewhere far away.

Some Thoughts:

  • Cas looks like he gives the best hugs
  • I find it hysterical that the Winchesters managed to interrogate that angel by basically being Mean GIrls
  • I'm so glad that Castiel is appealing to Gadreel and giving him the opportunity to come right. I really do feel for him, and if he comes through as an ally there's even a small chance he won't end up dead in the end.
  • That said, the angel fight in the park there was probably the most lacklustre thing in the episode. Have they forgotten the days where angel confrontations levelled buildings? I know that they're cut off from heaven but they're still super beings
  • Crowley was always a terrible father even when he was human. Why would a small trace of humanity suddenly make him concerned?
  • The writers must've had some pretty shitty father son relationships. The only person on the show who seemed to have a nice dad was Jo and he was dead for the whole history of the show
  • It is surprising that they took Abaddon out so quickly but I guess that this leaves us clear to deal with the angel and Metatron problem for the final two episodes of the season
  • Not really sure why they let Crowley live after all that, but I am almost positive the decision will come back to bite them, if not by the end of this season, then for sure in season 10.
  • I hope we see Cain again before the end of the season. After all, Dean does owe him a debt.

Tune in next week to watch Metatron and Castiel fight to win the hearts and minds of the angel constituents, and find out which side Gadreel will come down on. We're almost at the end!