Supernatural S09E18 Review: "Meta Fiction"

So this week we are being treated to a special presentation of the Metatron show. This would-be God is writing the stories now and Castiel, Sam and Dean are but puppets. Carver Edlund's (aka Chuck Shirley's) Gospels of Winchester make another appearance to inspire his inner muse, and one of the most loved Angels makes a reappearance.

Castiel discovers that Metatron and Gadreel have been assembling angels in order to get them to sign up, with the usual "cake or death" options, or "re entry into heaven or painful annihilation" in this case. More angels come to him looking for leadership, and he yet again shies away from it. He contacts the WInchesters and they decide that Gadreel is headed for one of two locations, so they split up to search for clues.

The Winchesters find Gadreel and start trying to rough him up for answers. Sam loses his cool quickly (as he usually does when things are personal to him, like when they interrogated Brady) and Dean sends him off to look for Cas, who has been out of contact. At first it seemed he was doing this to keep Gadreel alive, but it becomes apparent that he is under the Mark's influence, and just jonesing to get bloody.

Cas in the meantime is on a little adventure of his own. While in his room at the motel, before he sets off for his designated town, who should pop out of his television but his big brother the Arch Angel Gabriel. The much missed trickster sets about trying to convince Castiel that he and angels like him who are rebellious and free thinking have a responsibility to lead in the war against Metatron.

All is not what it seems though, and Cas soon figures out that Gabriel is just an illusion put together by Metatron in order to manipulate him. He wants Cas to lead the rebels in battle so that he can have an opponent because "every tale needs a good old fashioned villain". Soon though Metatron finds out about the Winchesters taking Gadreel captive, so he organizes a trade for Castiel, during which he shows off his new godly powers.

The biggest take aways from this week would be that the Mark is still effecting Dean, seemly worse than before. He basically blacked out in a violent rage while torturing him, barely staving off the desire to kill him (which would have been terrible news for Cas). Castiel's stolen Grace is also a big concern, as I wondered about in past reviews. He's going to burn himself out soon if he doesn't give it up. I have a feeling that Gadreel is going to turn on Metatron soon and perhaps be instrumental to his downfall.

Still no clue as to how they are going to bring the Angels and the battle over Hell between Crowley and Abaddon together. Either storyline in past seasons would probably have stood alone as a "main problem". However, given the ramp up of the last few episodes, I am definitely excited to find out.

Some Random Thoughts:

  • Metatron made some crazy typos all over the place. It was distracting and not at all what I expect from the official scribe of God. No wonder Kevin had so much trouble reading the tablets, they too were probably riddled with spelling errors
  • That shower scene was such amazing, beautiful, excessive fan service. Have an extra point just for that
  • I am sad that Castiel is now able to understand pop culture references (or at least place them). Retcon indeed.
  • This little tease was not enough, I want Gabriel back full time!
  • That said, the way he was written in this episode was really forced (probably purposefully because he was being written by Metatron and not genuinely himself). It was a bit overwhelming to deal with this condensed version of him in such a short space of time.
  • His reentry though, in another "Casa Erotica" porn film was perfect
  • I know it's well established on this show that God doesn't give a damn about what the angels get up to, but this is really excessive. Surely He's gotta step in some time?
  • I know he's done some awful things but I really still feel sorry for Gadreel. I hope he finds a way to redeem himself in the end
  • Sam is definitely done being angry now, much too filled with concern for Dean. I think it might be too late though, on Dean's side, for him to bridge the gap. Dean is far too wrapped up in his own issues to see the shift

Next week we get to see Sheriff Jody Mills in an all out brawl with Vampires! Thank Chuck that the three week gaps are done for now.