Hannibal S02E11 Review: "Ko No Mono"

So it's no secret that last week I was put a little off kilter by the direction things seemed to be taking. Boy do I feel silly now. I should've known better, and from now on my mantra will be "In Bryan Fuller we trust". Last night was probably my favourite episode so far this season, and I'm really psyched for the finale now. Also, in more good news, NBC has renewed Hannibal for a third season!

Hannibal and Will continue their courtship this week with some more ridiculously intimate dinners and mutilated corpses. The homoerotic tension was so strong this week that even Alana was forced to pull her head out of the sand and look at the reality of her situation. She goes to confront Will about his involvement in Freddie Lound's murder and he gets her back for her lack of faith by messing with her head some more. He does give her a gun for self defence though, so while he's hurt he certainly doesn't want her falling victim to Hannibal.

Hannibal knows pretty much immediately that Alana has been logging hours at the shooting range though. he smells the gun powder on her hands and calls her on it. I was half convinced that he was going to take a chunk out of her every time he leaned in to peck her on the mouth or kiss her hands. I really hope that she stays away from him next week. I would love it if she didn't die.

I was certainly cheering her on when she finally went to confront Jack about how he's apparently the worst detective ever. I was right there with her when she shouted "What do I believe? Wat do you believe?" I'm also thrilled for the confirmation that he is in on Will's mission and that Freddie for sure survived her confrontation at Will's house last week.

On the Verger side of things, shit is getting real. Michael Pitt has yet again proved himself talented at appearing singularly evil, making his cocktail from a child's tears. Mason was tipped off about Margot's pregnancy and took his fate into his own hands, having his goons arrange an accident for her and paying off her surgeons to preform a full hysterectomy on her.

This is of course crushing to both her and Will, who was looking forward to fatherhood. Hannibal spent the whole week reopening his wounds about Abigail, letting him believe that his child would be an opportunity to heal fully. This was a rude awakening for anyone who might have allowed themselves to be lulled by Hannibal's tenderness towards Will the past few weeks. Yes, he puts on a good show, but you can never lose sight of the fact that he's a monster with a god complex.

Some thoughts:

  • I'm actually more bothered by the fact that hannibal drowned a little bird alive than I've ever really been by the "meat is people" thing
  • Apparently one of the features of that particular dish is that the bones of the bird cut your mouth and your blood mixes with the alcohol it was drowned in. Grizzly indeed.
  • A prediction for the end of the season: Alana finally loses it and kills Jack, Hannibal and Will. No, not really. But they seriously are pushing her to her limit. I hope she goes on a long vacation when all of this is done (*aggressively in denial about the fact that she's probably going to die*)
  • I'm glad that Jack has proved not to be a complete idiot and that he's aware of some of what's happening now. However, what the hell man? Knowingly mutilating corpses, eating people and faking crime scenes? How in the world did he get approved for it. The paperwork must be a nightmare.
  • I laughed when Freddie had her "Surprise Bitch" moment. Man I'm so glad she's still alive
  • In the books when Freddy Lounds was killed he was strapped to a wheelchair and set on fire just like Freddie was here, so I was really worried for a moment
  • I'm told the shattering tea cup imagery also has great significance in the books. It's kind of Hannibal's spinning top, an anchoring moment t make sure he's not dreaming.
  • Wow I hate Mason so much. I kind of wish that Will had fed him to the pigs.

Quote of the night:
Freddie Lounds: "How was my funeral?"

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George Prax's picture

I wasn't surprised by the twist itself that Freddie is alive, more by how quickly they revealed that she was. I guess it makes sense since there are only a couple of episodes left in the season but still, it just seems to be flying by. So happy the show is coming back too!