Hannibal S02E08 Review: "Su-Zakana"

The question for the week is; how do you catch a fish that isn't hungry? By changing to a more appealing lure. It's not clear exactly how much of Will's actions last night were genuine and what was just meant to ensnare Hannibal, or intrigue him enough to allow him to forget himself. Either way, as I've said repeatedly this season, this new, darker, confident Will is a force to be reckoned with and I love it!

The murder scene this episode was as gruesome as ever, with a dead woman being found inside of a horse. Hannibal is called in to consult and either can't or more likely decides not to get a clear read on the scene, prompting Jack to call Will back on the job. I can't imagine any directors in the FBI signing off on this, but I will continue to suspend my disbelief.

The case turns out to be quite the parallel to Hannibal and Will's relationship, with a man with brain damage being framed by his Social Worker, a serial killer and psychopath. Will attempts to funnel some of his rage out by helping this man, almost shooting the killer, though Hannibal intervenes. I'm not sure if Will really would've gone through with it though, or if he was playing his darkness up in order to assure Hannibal's fascination with him continues. It certainly seemed to have that effect, either way, as Hannibal was ecstatic, and the end scene between them edging into the homoerotic.

A reoccurring visual theme this season is reflections, specifically Hannibal's reflection. This week we see it in the horse's eye and before we saw it in the mural of the eye, the knife and a score of other places. This season is as much about Hannibal discovering the truth of himself as others seeing him clearly. He hides his monstrous nature behind gentility and culture, and he justifies himself by positioning himself as a superior human being, or even a god. Before this is all over he is going to have to debase himself and descend from his pedestal to fight with the rest of us.

I'm a little confused as to what Katharine Isabelle (who you might recognize from Ginger Snaps, Supernatural or Being Human (US)) is doing here so late in the game. We already know that Hannibal is a terrible manipulator who basically uses his practice to foster psychopaths, so I doubt it's just to reiterate that fact. My first thought was that she's a plant by the FBI to establish that Hannibal is unethical with his patients, but I doubt that's really where its going. I'm just confused about where they can really take her this late in the season. Still, I have faith that whatever they do, it will be fantastic.

Overall this episode was more filler than most. It exists to show you where everyone's head is at and firm up Will's life and role post exoneration rather than to make any real leaps in the plot. I loved it all the same of course, and it's nice to have some relative calm before the all out shit storm that we know is coming.

Some Thoughts:

  • Loved Will taking Jack ice fishing, and the resulting dinner at Hannibal's. So much tension and mental chess all around.
  • I couldn't help but laugh when Hannibal told that Social Worker to get back into the horse for his own safety. How confusing must it have been to be him during that whole exchange.
  • Zeller apologizing to Will and his regrets about Beverley was a great little emotional moment. It's good to see everyone still dealing with her death instead of just skipping along.
  • It's really a mystery to me how Alana isn't completely alarmed by Hannibal choosing to work with Will again. Surely this shows how obsessed he is and raises quite a few red flags that can't be sexed away
  • The sex scene was beautiful, and I love how it transitioned too from the sheets flying around them to the sheets being pulled off the corpse in autopsy. A dire omen for Alana's future indeed.
  • So glad that Jack is definitively with the program now. Will could use an ally
  • I wonder how Mrs Crawford is doing.