Hannibal S02E07 Review: "Yakimono"

This week we find out what Miriam Lass has been up to these past two years. The Chesapeake Ripper was a gracious host and a master hypnotist. Also when a gag, say framing someone else for your murders, works so well the first time, why change it up? Hannibal plays pin the murder on the jack ass, and gets Dr Chilton straight in the behind.

At this point half of Baltimore is going to be behind bars for the Ripper's crimes. It's a good job that Hannibal didn't plant Jack's prints on the crime scene, or he would've surely gotten confused and arrested himself. Sure, he seemed a lot more suspicious of Lecter, but also all too willing to jump on the "Chilton is the Ripper" bandwagon. I suppose that I understand that he'd rather it not be Hannibal, his friend and dinner mate, and the man who saved his wife. Still, it makes me wonder how he got his job in the first place.

Will Graham and his new bad ass snarky attitude is really doing it for me. He is so sure and in control. Nothing is shocking to him anymore, no one is going to make him dance. He is becoming the lure that will ensnare the Chesapeake Ripper, showing up on time with a new haircut and freshly pressed shirt. Showing Hannibal the darkness that had him so interested in him and stroking his ego to let him think that he could have Will back as his friend and plaything. He's so blinded by his obsession and how much he wants things to work out with Will, that he's going to walk straight into his trap, elaborate plans be damned.

So Dr Chilton had the worst week ever. Just when I started routing for him, the silly goose goes out and gets himself framed for murder and then shot in the face. I both loved and hated this turn of events. On the one hand, it was funny and absurd and exciting. It was great to see another glimpse of the beast within Hannibal as he sets about framing Chilton, which I loved. The whole sequence of finding the dead FBI members in his house and fleeing to Will's was actually hilarious. I'm sad that he didn't spend some time hiding out there, the hijinks would've been amusing.

On the other hand CHILTON IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD. It's really difficult to accept this deviation from Hannibal canon. Chilton is the man who is suppose to reside over Lecter in prison. He flirts with Clarice Sterling and forces Hannibal to watch TV Evangelists when he misbehaves. It makes me uncomfortable, and it seems that all bets are off. Could Jack be dead at the end of this season? How far off the reservation will Fuller go? It is kind of exciting though that he had an original character not seen in any of Harris's works blow the face off of a well established one. It sends a clear message - even if you think you know how this is going to go, you have no clue, all bets are off. Still, I can't help but hope that he survived and he'll be at Lecter's trial in a future season, hole in his face, ready to hit him with his pimp stick.

Some Random Thoughts:

  • I'm loving the blooming flower motif they're using the past few episodes. They're gorgeous and a nice change from the antlers of the first season. The beating heart stuffed with flowers was particularly striking.
  • Miriam Lass is probably going to die very soon, if not because Anna Chlumsky is busy on the set of Veep, then because of the fact that whatever Hannibal did to convince her Chilton is the Ripper can't be stable.
  • The brainwashing techniques that Hannibal used here on Miriam and Will are similar to the ones he uses on Clarice Sterling in the novels.
  • I can't believe that Chilton knows Hannibal is after him, comes home to his empty house, hears the heart monitor and goes DOWN THE STAIRS to investigate. Are you kidding me? I would've gone straight out the front door and never returned
  • It was awfully considerate of Hannibal to pack his bags for him
  • I loved Hannibal being like "One moment please" while choking Chilton out, walking to the door in his obvious killer suit and then killing two trained, armed FBI agents. What style.
  • Hannibal could barely contain his happiness when Will resumed his therapy sessions.

Quotes of the Night:
Chilton: "Yes, I have an agenda - LIVING!"

Will: "If you run you'll just look guilty."
Chilton: "You didn't run and you looked plenty guilty. Abel Gideon was half eaten in my guest room. I have corpses on my property, you just threw up an ear!"

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