Sleepy Hollow S01E10 Recap: "The Golem"

The past several episodes have focused with Ichobad's life both past and present. The switch from Abbie as the focal point has been revealing and despite Crane's charismatic attraction the man has endured more pain than imaginable.

I've noted in previous the hardships he's had to endure. This week's episode, "The Golem", showcased his pain and suffering like never before. The idea of him having a son has cut through him and even his comedic lines have lost their luster (they're still hilarious but seem to mask his pain). Last week we learned that Ichobad had a son, a depressing revelation when it should have been jovial. Katrina never told Crane about their son causing him to feel even more isolated than he already is.

For one scene Ichobad was happy contemplating through arithmetic his possible sea of offspring. As it turns out his son, Jeremy, endured even more isolation and pain than his father. Katrina's convent banished her to purgatory leaving her son alone to force a world set out for his destruction. Jeremy contracted some of Katrina's powers pushing him even more toward isolation. In order to survive Jeremy manifested his anger and pain in the form of a golem, a crushingly powerful creature that destroys an attacker with no hesitation.

The golem appeared in purgatory and followed Crane back from his rendezvous with Katrina. The golem is set to destroy any ancestors of Katrina's convent due to the pain harbored inside of Jeremy. While the golem is directed by Jeremy's pain and was originally a defense mechanism its strength still persists even though Jeremy is dead. The convent put a hex on Jeremy, which stopped his heart and he was buried while still at a young age.

One of the best scenes of the entire season occurred in this week's episode. After slaying the golem with his own blood, Ichobad comforted the creature during his final moments. Crane hugged the creature until it stopped breathing. While he never met his son and has been forced to struggle with never knowing him, in a way Crane met him at the creatures final moments. Since the creature represented Jeremy's anger and pain the golem's death is Jeremy's freedom. The final shot shows Crane holding the little doll the golem transformed from, the doll - while amazingly creepy for a children's toy - was incredibly fragile.

Through all the pain Ichobad's faced it was great for him to finally, in a way, hold his son.

While Abbie has sat the past episodes as a spectator to Crane's life, Captain Irving's life has come tot he forefront. In "The Golem" much of Irving's presence was based around ambiguity but there were some nuggets that will lead the story forward and make the viewer wonder about the meaning.

Through a simple apology and smooth talking Irving patched things up with his wife. More importantly his daughter signifies Irving's current position: immobile and hanging on optimism for a happy ending. In the beginning of the episode Irving visits his church and has an interesting conversation with his pastor. The pastor reveals that the two witnesses are martyrs (unsuccessful yet successful) and their apostles fall into a similar category.

Captain Irving realizes that his position in helping Crane and Abbie is far from glamorous. At this point he is hanging on faith, an idea he established in the episode that he hates.

Since the show goes on hiatus until January the conclusion in tonight's episode felt a bit rushed. After successfully defeating the golem Crane has a vision where he meets with Moloch. In the hallucination he learns that Moloch will have Abbie's soul delivered to him by Crane himself. While it establishes a lot of possibilities a turn that big should have had a longer build up.

Regardless, "Sleepy Hollow" has had an incredibly successful year, here's to 2014!


  • A lot of recaps online had negative reviews of the episode, I completely disagree for two reasons. The golem was the best monster of the week so far - it had so much personal meaning to Crane, weaves an even finer thread through the Crane/Abbie connection, and had the best visual so far - the librarian's hand through the car window was ridiculous.
  • The Sin Eater, John Noble, seems to be a vital part of the story line. That's great news, I won't have to do any crosswords knowing that.
  • This week's "Welcome to the 21st Century" moment: Crane vs. Christmas trees. And Captain Irving makes a rare appearance, Irving vs.Vine

Quote of the Night Abbie:


You're meaning to tell me that if I had awful intercourse I'd be having a second date?