Sleepy Hollow S01E09 Recap: "Sanctuary"

The only thing missing from this week's episode was a guest appearance from Maury Povich to announce, "Mr Ichobad Crane, the test results are in and ... you are the father!"

That's right, Ichobad Crane and Katrina have a kid. "Sleepy Hollow" has strung together a strong series of episodes over the past month and "Sanctuary" continued to develop a strong connection between our two witnesses by delving into the past. It turns out that Crane and Abbie have a historical link conjoining the two well before there were McDonald's drive thrus.

With Thanksgiving a few days away it's fitting that this week's episode focused on family, roots, and personal sacrifice. Crane and Abbie search for a missing billionaire after Irving points out Katrina's involvement in the case. The two come across a dilapidated house that Crane recognizes was a former friends, the house was a safe haven for freed slaves and a shelter from evil.

To no surprise evil finds its way past the wards. The witnesses are able to escape and survive the evil (again, no surprise) but as Abbie wanders the house she has a vision of Katrina giving birth to Crane's child. Revealing Crane has a child adds more levels to an already layered show. Subsequently, Crane's motives for fighting evil has changed - what was once a Herculean effort to save all of mankind becomes more personal because Molock is after his child.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for the incredibly likable Crane.Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude but we've learned that Crane has very little to be thankful for. To this point Crane is alienated in a foreign world, the love of his life is stranded in purgatory, his best friend is now his enemy, he's had to overcome his involvement in the death of a freed slave, he's trying to save the world from unbeknownst evils, and finally he learns that he had a child that he's never seen.

The poignant metaphor of the episode are the roots that bleed when cut. Damaged pasts continue to reappear showing that the destinies and fates of our characters exist in an attempt to improve their lives. Crane's past is linked with Captain Irving's present as he too struggles to balance his work with his family life.

While Crane's perdicament is easy to sympathize with Irving's is downright crazy. Every episode Irving has to deal with non-sensical murders and is always caught off guard with Abbie and Crane's lunacy. The Captain is just like the viewer, always sitting there with a confused look unable to wrap his head around all the craziness.

We learn that the Irving moved to Sleepy Hollow to get away from the long hours of police work in New York City. It's impossible for him to explain to his former wife the stakes of what he is now involved with. Irving is forced to make the very difficult personal sacrifice of putting his work before his daughter in order to save the world.

"Sanctuary" was a strong episode and leaves the viewer with more questions. It'd be great if we could get more answers but it's more fun to be left clueless after every hour.


  • Who is Crane's child? I think Sheriff Corbin has to be the answer. The sheriff was obsessed with Sleepy Hollow's mysticism and dedicated damn near all his time on the town's natural roots. It would also provide another link between the two witnesses.
  • This week's "Welcome to the 21st Century" moment: Crane vs. Thanksgiving food. Their meals sounded terrible. I'll take pie and turkey every day.
  • Glad that we got a glimpse into Irving's personal life. He's one of my favorite aspects to the show. Looks like I was completely wrong when I predicted in one of the first reviews that he was somehow going to be linked to the evil side.

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