Sleepy Hollow S01E07 Recap: "The Midnight Ride"

This week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, "The Midnight Ride" was the best of the season so far.

After a disappointing return from hiatus last week the show capitalized on returning to the original premise of "Sleepy Hollow". The episode focused on capturing the horseman's head to prevent the conjuring of the other three horsemen of the apocalypse.

Throughout the season the formula has been featuring a monster of the week, which has pros and cons. Among the good that's come of it is creativity, sensational visuals, and originality. However, as seen last episode, the weakness of the formula are the low stakes and lack of a consistent story line strung together through episodes.

By focusing on the Headless Horseman several key aspects come back into the picture. Most importantly, the Headless Horseman is synonymous with Sleepy Hollow. There's been a lot of deaths throughout the season but few decapitations, which has been disappointing. When you think of Sleepy Hollow you expect a fair amount of beheadings. There's something fantastic and almost comical about imagining a man with no heads running around (even better when he's on a horse_ chopping off heads.

This week the Free Masons were the victims. The Masons meeting with Crane was cut off (pun intended) when the Horseman arrived and decapitated them in search for his own head. With the blood line between Crane and the Horseman was cut off (I'll stop now) last week in "The Sin Eater" so both sides are rushing to capture his ugly, bald, tattooed head.

One of the best feats off tonight's episode was the blending of comedy and gore. While every episode has produced funny one-liners "The Midnight Ride" was firing on all cylinders. The chemistry between Crane and Abbie continues to grow and some of their best moments consist of them bickering: I especially liked the water joke that occurred throughout the sixty minutes.

Last week separated (it's too easy) the two from each other, which turned out to be a giant mistake. The scenes with these two are at the very least always entertaining and when Captain Irving appears with them they are great.

The show made one giant plot point that needs to be mentioned. The witnesses plan to trap the horseman using his head as bait. The horseman is allergic(?) to light - which I've never understood, guess its a good vs. bad thing, it's not like it could blind him - and the two decide to purchase UV lights rather than summoning a witch. After all these episodes Katrina's presence remains questionable. The chemistry between Crane and Katrina has been non-existent and it seems that her character is ultimately a scapegoat to explain the sometimes ridiculous story lines. She's kind of like a get out of jail free card at this point.

To no surprise the witnesses won and captured the Horseman. It will be interesting to see how he inevitably escapes, maybe some help the returning Andy Brooks. "The Midnight Ride" was well balanced in its mood and story line and because of that it was the best episode thus far.

Notes and Quotes

  • This week's "Welcome to the 21st Century" Moments: There were a lot of them. Crane deals with spam and porn pop ups, Crane loves Costco, Crane vs. paying for water, Crane vs. straws, and my personal favorite Crane ruins a field trip.
  • History Lesson to dispute: Paul Revere was a capable dentist.
  • Andy Brooks returns. Brooks' relationship with the horseman is confusing: he works for him but wants to help Abbie.
  • Absolutely love Irving's skepticism every episode. Everytime he encounters Abbie and/or Crane he removes himself from other people. This week he closed the curtains when they began talking about the headless horseman. He always has a look on his face that say, "why me?"
  • Irving also came face to face (puns don't sleep) with the Horseman. At that moment he realized he wished Crane and Abbie were just crazy.
  • "This water was free at the market."
  • "In case the picture vanishes from the screen like it did a minute ago."
  • "Do you know what we could have done with these rations in the war? We could have taken Lexington in a day."

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George Prax's picture

Easily my favorite episode so far. The campiness was at an all-time high, and the scene at the end was great. I especially like how Irving is on board now and John Cho still pops up from time to time. The end was really the perfect cliffhanger too.