Sleepy Hollow Recap S01E12-13: "The Indispensable Man / Bad Blood" [Season Finale]

Down goes Crane! Down goes Crane! The impressive freshman season of "Sleepy Hollow" culminated in an epic two hour finale that consistently landed haymakers while stunning viewers with a little rope-a-dope trickery setting up what has to be one of the most anticipated seasons coming later this year.

Premonitions, prophecies, purgatory, a shotgun wielding headless horseman, the beginning of the apocalypse, and a zombie George Washington made for an entertaining 105 minutes but the final fifteen minutes went full throttle for an exhilarating push to the season's, and possibly the world's, end.

Earlier this season I wrote that the final ten minutes of every episode wasn't necessary for viewers to watch. The show's had predictable and often corny endings that were put in place because the mystery had to end. However, tonight the final ten minutes was the stole the show.

The reunion of Katrina and Crane turned sour almost immediately. After Abbie reserved Katrina's spot in purgatory the excitement of their escape from purgatory ended with the bombshell that sparks the apocalypse and the second season. The lovable and sincere Henry Parrish (John Noble) reveals his true character. The Sin Eater is the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The witnesses' plan to delay the apocalypse by enacting a hex doesn't work since the horseman has already risen. With Katrina and Crane bound to the white trees in the middle of the forest Parrish explains part of his summoning from the underground. Simultaneously, Abbie is in purgatory - in the doll house she talked about with her sister earlier, a safe place for them - accompanied by her childhood memory. The teenage Mills explains that Muloch suppressed Abbie and Jenny's memories after they saw him thirteen years ago.

What has been hidden throughout the season is what Abbie and Jenny really saw when they were children. Turns out as the scenes rotate from Parrish in Sleepy Hollow; Abbie, Purgatory, is that the Second Horseman was summoned that day thirteen years ago. The visions and flashback to that day played throughout the season but the revelation that there was more to the scene made the moment even heavier.

The final revelation, the one that made the season jump into that rare category where you want to go back and watch everything over, is Parrish telling Katrina and Crane that he is their son, Jeremy. Episode ten, "The Golem" focused on Jeremy's abandonment and the destruction it caused but as Parrish speaks - getting louder and more viscous with every word - the pain of being locked away for two centuries has not subsided. This revelation also produced the episode's best line, "I guess this is our first family spat."

After Parrish hands an unconscious Katrina to the Abraham, Parrish/Jerem/Second Horseman of the Apocalypse locks Crane in the coffin underground.


  • Great choice in music to end the episode. I liked how after the coffin closes on Crane the "Sleepy Hollow" title appears with cheerful music. Felt like the director was saying, "yea, we nailed this finale."
  • The first hour was a pretty wild scavenger hunt regarding the map to Purgatory. One of the best aspects of the show is how they retell history and the George Washington resurrection was the best of the season.
  • This week's "Welcome to the 21st Century" moment: Ichobad and cell phones.
  • I particularly liked Abbie's suspicion of Crane throughout the first hour. The prophecy was a great distraction in concealing Parrish's identity, keeping the viewer attune to Crane's motives but never anybody elses.
  • I found Parrish's contempt for Abbie's attachment to her teenage years hilarious. Blasts her for hanging onto the past and trying to find meaning while he is set to end the world because of his past.
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    George Prax's picture

    I'm actually really sad that Henry turned out to be Jeremy and a bad guy. I think it's really exciting to have him as the Big Bad for season 2 as well as the avatar for War, but I just really love John Noble and never want him to be evil. That said, wow, what a performance, that should certainly earn him a guest emmy nom next year.

    Great finale overall, they really upped the stakes while keeping it grounded when it needed to. Best welcome to the 21st century moments yet with Ichabod embracing cell phones and even smileys and then finding clothes at a war reenactment lmao. Great way to end the season.