Sleepy Hollow Recap S01E06: "The Sin Eater"

This week's installment of Sleepy Hollow was a disappointing effort after a two week hiatus. "The Sin Eater" showcased several of the show's flaws and was bogged down by the separation of "the two witnesses" and lost in flashbacks. For the first time this season the fantasy aspect of the show failed to substitute for the show's craziness. What is most off putting is the realization that the show's odd story lines and delivery was unable to mask certain serious problems.

In a previous review I stated that the show's final ten minutes isn't important to watch. As every show with a "monster of the week" formula the intriguing aspect isn't the conclusion but the set up and development. To use an overused cliche: it's not the destination but the journey. Unfortunately, this episode failed on several accounts to establish any real development for several reasons.

"Sleepy Hollow" can make the viewer laugh with its dialogue, entertain with its delivery, and amaze with cool visuals and effects; however, it will not make you sit up in your seat. The stakes are never high. In tonight's episode Ichobad is forced to come to terms with his abandonment with the Red Coats, which is due to the death of a former slave, Arthur Bernard. In order to move forward and separate his blood line with the headless horseman Crane must come to terms with Bernard's death, which he does very simply.

This "acknowledgement of guilt" should sound familiar. Abbie defeated Rogkorante in the same simple, similar fashion. During her battle all she had to do was admit that she betrayed her sister out in the woods when they were kids. As was the case in "For the Triumph of Evil", the solution to this week's episode was too easy.

While recycling the solution to the episode's conclusion was disappointing the episode's biggest flaw was separating the two main characters. The best aspect of the show so far has been the relationship between Crane and Abbie. This week caused the two to be away from each other for almost the entire episode by having Crane kidnapped by Free Masons while Abbie searched with Jenny to find the sin eater.

These two should not be separated. The stark contrast between the two is entertaining but their ability to depend on each other while every one else has a look of disbelief as they define the problems and propose their solutions is endearing. Even though it was a little corny and over the top, I especially liked how they bonded over a game of baseball. Abbie talked about the security and openness of the game, which Crane relates to the "spirit of democracy."

This week's episode was disappointing but hopefully the two week break was the cause. It certainly was the weakest episode of the season.

To put "The Sin Eater" in baseball terms: It was like a having the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth and hitting into a game ending double play.

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I didn't think it was as bad as you did but definitely the weakest of the season. Just felt kind of boring to be honest. Should be noted however that John Noble is joining the cast and if any of his scenes as The Sin Eater are an indication, it's a fantastic addition. I like the guy who plays Rutledge too. I'm not too concerned if this was all set up for things to come in the future.