Sleepy Hollow Recap S01E04: "The Lesser Key of Solomon"

Who would have thought that the Boston Tea Party was actually a distraction to capture a projector disguised as a sextant revealing a a map of Sleepy Hollow and the coordinates of a book that when covered with blood from a Hessian would summon 72 demons?

If it sounds crazy it's because it is but this is why Sleepy Hollow is so entertaining. Among all the segments of the show - flashbacks, visions, dreams - Ichobad's rendering of history brings the story alive. It turns out that General George Washington had more to worry about than just some red coats.

The creative license by the writers to rewrite (or tell a different part) of history should be applauded and while it's generally absurd it somehow works with the mysterious events occurring in modern day Sleepy Hollow.

The show focused on the search for Abby's escaped sister, Jenny. Just like George Washington it seems that Sheriff Corbin had another side to him as he battled against the horsemen of the apocalypse. In a cabin located in the country Abby and Crane find Jenny searching for the box from the Boston Tea Party. Behind Abby's back, Corbin had Jenny working for him travelling the world collecting items to prevent the apocalypse.

After Crane explains his unbelievable Boston Tea Party story and they see the map from the projector the group of Hessians arrive to retrieve the invaluable object. The main bad guy in tonight's episode is a music teacher in Sleepy Hollow (who was clearly marked as the bad guy in his creepy opening scene teaching a kid to play piano) willing to behead bartenders and is equipped with all types of automatic weapons.

Crane and the two sisters are able to capture the lead Hessian while his accomplices escape with the sextant. During an interrogation Abby learns that Sleepy Hollow is filled with Hessians determined to cause havoc by finding the Book of Solomon: a book that is filled with black magic and the ability to free 72 captured demons.

While the story line for the night's episode was about magic and demons and all sorts of looney tunes' spiritual mumbo jumbo the episode picked up during the interrogation. The Hessian talking about his contemporary partners and their seemingly bland every day lives, "we're your neighbors. Perhaps even your friends" gave the story a shot of adrenaline by causing doubt.

Abby and Jenny of all people know that they can't trust other people. By isolating the two sisters and Crane their battle to prevent the apocalypse becomes infinitely more difficult and gives the story depth by invoking some real, human emotions.

The episode finished with Abby tossing the retrieved book into the fiery pond where the summoned demons were coming from. The "monster of the week" formula was tamer than previous episodes as the 60 minute block was dedicated more to the human and (I can't believe I'm writing this) more believable side of the story.

This week's episode was particularly entertaining and proved that the show can strike some balance between the fantasy world and present day Sleepy Hollow.

I'm looking forward to more history lessons from Ichobad Crane, maybe something about what Paul Revere was really doing on a horse at midnight.

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Notes & Quotes

  • Trust and betrayal are two elements really being woven into the show. Jenny obviously feels betrayed by Abby's silence when they were kids and in tonight's episode Abby felt betrayed by Corbin's association with Jenny and his silence about it.
  • On a similar note - how about Jenny's "trust no one" followed shortly by "you got to trust me."
  • The ending of tonight's episode fell flat because it was so obvious Abby and Crane would prevail. One of the drawbacks of the "monster of the week" is the outcome is always predictable. The good guys always win.
  • Good news! Fox has renewed Sleepy Hollow for a second season. Season 1 will only run 13 episodes though. Make sure to check out our Fall Survival Index to see what shows might get cancelled/renewed next.
  • "Welcome to the 21st Century" Moment: Crane tells his love story to a weeping navigation assistance employee.
  • "Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it."
  • "Mallock shall rise."
  • "So it begins."
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George Prax's picture

I freaking love this show so much. Even the beginning with how instead of straight up clips they put a narrative to the recap. Everything about it is so campy and ridiculous but it just manages to work. Even rewriting the Boston Tea Party as a distraction.