Sleepy Hollow Recap S01E03: "For the Triumph of Evil"

Through three episodes it's safe to say that "Sleepy Hollow" is an entertaining hour worth your time. What's less distinct and more dependent of a steady progression is where this show is going. George mentioned last week that the series' episodic formula will fall in "monster of the week territory" and tonight's episode followed suit.

The show's strength is the several alternating worlds that tie into Sleepy Hollow present time. The series has an odd, but successful, balance between history, religion, and the supernatural. A strong foundation was set in the pilot regarding the Revolutionary War, religion, and witchcraft. By alternating these three themes the "monster of the week" can remain relatively original and if the writers connect the dots the show can continue to grow.

Rogkorante, was the monster of the week in "For the Triumph of Evil". The show begins with Abby having a nightmare connected to her demon sighting in the woods. When she awakes she's called to an emergency suicide negotiation involving her sister's former psychiatrist. Shortly after Dr. Vega commits suicide after admitting her guilt and warning Abby of the end the lieutenant and Crane head to Mr. Gillepsie's ranch for another unsuccessful negotiation.

The two suicide victims played a major role in Jenny's life in psyche wards. Gillepsie found the two sisters in the woods after a four day search and despite seeing the demon that Jenny admitted to, he refused to acknowledge its presence. In doing so, Jenny looks crazy. Dr. Vega believed Jenny's testimonies but denied them credit in fear of losing her job. In doing so, Jenny looks crazy. And finally, after being warned of her imminent death by Gillepsie, Abby is the final player in Jenny''s imprisonment. During the original interrogation after being rescued Abby kept her mouth shut and contradicted her sister's demon allegations. In doing so, Jenny looks crazy.

Back to Rogkorante. In a Crane flashback we learn that the Mohawk's believed in a dream spirit named Rogkorante, who would torture those who betrayed their neighbors. This is where things get cool and where the supernatural collides with reality. The dream spirit takes its victim to their most feared place causing them to experience a pain so terrible they commit suicide. Despite the wild visuals of Rogkorante - a faceless, all white bisected body, with black empty eye sockets, and an ability to shape shift like sand going through an hourglass - the victim's struggles are entirely inward.

For Abby her most reviled memory is betraying her sister in the interrogation room. After meeting with a Shaman who levels the playing field with a concoction, scorpion, and straps preventing suicide, Abby goes to confront her fear. The dream begins in the forest Abby and Jenny saw the demon and is quickly transported to the interrogation room. Abby watches through the one-way mirror as Rogkorante repeatedly asks her if she saw the demon.

With some help from Crane who acts as a distraction Abby defeats the dream spirit by telling the truth. As Abby confesses Rogkorante begins to crystallize from the bottom up, "I saw a demon. I lied to protect myself. I turned my back on her." Each word causes the spirit to lose power becoming more and more translucent until he's completely powerless when Abby proclaims, "it's all my fault." After hesitating Abby smashes the crystallized spirit into millions of shards of glass and awakes.

Abby's confession was a bit corny and dramatic but the return from the supernatural back to reality (if you can even call it reality) was an important shift. The fear of being labeled crazy is the cause for a lot of destruction in Sleepy Hollow.

At the end Abby learns that Jenny has escaped from the ward moving next week's episode into unchartered territory - Abby and Crane will be searching for an actual person.

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Notes & Quotes

  • Bad vibes coming from Captain Irving at the end. Have never been suspicious of him until that final scene allowing them to work in the room. Interested to see how they link him to the story.
  • This show really reminds me of "Pan's Labryth". It's obviously much lighter but alternating between different worlds and having a variety of spirits and demons makes me think of PL.
  • This week's "Welcome to the 21st Century" moment: Ichabod reacts to energy drinks.
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Still very much in love with this show. I loved the Delorean reference too. Didn't get any vibe from Orlando Jones' character though, I just think the show is unsure of what to do with him. It was weird that he'd suddenly be okay with them doing all that shit but more from a writing standpoint than rather him being shady.