The Office S09E09: "Dwight Christmas"

Any episode of "The Office" involving the Party Planning Committee is funny. Tonight's episode "Dwight Christmas" was no exception. An impromptu Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas (Dwight's idea/Jim's provocation) is almost ruined when Jim leaves early to go to Philadelphia.

As head of the Party Planning Committee Angela forgets to plan for the annual Christmas party. Throughout the episode Oscar echoes everything Angela says still in fear of getting his kneecaps shattered. With the office distraught about the idea of not having a party Dwight recommends a Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas featuring the German folklore Belsnickel (yes, he does have a Wikipedia page). While the rest of the office is skeptical Jim encourages the idea and gets Pam to convince the rest of the committee that it would be a good idea.

"Dwight Christmas" had two hilarious side stories. Pete explains to Erin the movie "Die Hard". Erin is at first confused and corrects Pete saying that he is thinking of John McCain not John McClane. Pete knows the entire script and recites it to Erin who checks and corrects him line for line. Kevin is distraught after he incorrectly places McClane's famous line. We learn via email that Andy has landed and is questioning his life after drinking and watching "Life of Pi". Upsetting Erin she decides that they should watch Die Hard. Andy hasn't been in the past couple of episodes and it will be interesting to see how they bring him back.

Toby regales his epic "Scranton Strangler" story to an unsuspecting Nellie. Everyone in the break room leaves after the subject is brought up. Toby traps Nellie in the break room the entire party telling her every specific detail and other superfluous jargon ("the thing about moonlight ... is that it's different than sunlight"). Fed up, Nellie shuts Toby up by kissing him at the end of the episode which at first was a silencing tactic but suddenly became passionate (spinoff? Toby and Nellie: A True Love Story).

With Jim planning to leave the party early Darryl is upset because Jim told him that he would involve him with the start up sports company and he feels that Jim is abandoning him. Darryl takes the punch bowl of wine (used to sterilize medical instruments) so potent that Meredith even dislikes it. Dwight enters in full costume of Belsnickel (half viking/half hobo) and gathers the rest of the employees into the conference room to begin the festivities.

Sitting in a circle Belsnickel goes around determining whether people have been impish or admirable. Each employee is given a wooden bowl and awaits their fate. Oscar is flailed by a group of sticks for being impish to the pleasure of Angela. Phyllis is deemed admirable and receives a set of rubber gaskets for canning jars. Jim gets up to leave for Philadelphia causing Belsnickel to beat him with the sticks. Meanwhile, Darryl is isolated in his office chugging the wine talking about loyalty.

After Jim leaves Dwight decides to take off the costume and the party is over. Luckily, Jim returns and decides he's going to take the 5 A.M. bus into Philadelphia. As Jim is approaching Pam with arms open wide Dwight runs up to him and gives him a gigantic hug. Dwight digs the pig rib out of the trash and him and Jim break it in front of the entire office.

Darryl sees Jim return and confronts him. In the funniest scene of the episode, everyone is in the conference room enjoying Christmas music, food, and the decorations (the party planning committee works fast) when Darryl barges in looking like a complete disaster - sleeves rolled up, stumbling, sweating. Jim tells Darryl that he talked to the guys in Philadelphia and they are arranging an interview. Incredibly hammered it takes Darryl a few seconds to think of a response and is thrilled by the news. Thanking Jim he turns does a dance move and a spin and passes out right through the table adorned with food.

Compared to the previous episodes of the season "Dwight Christmas" was lighter. Not too much occurred on the story board but it contained all the ingredients to the show's successful recipe.


  • "Philadelphia. From the Greek, philia meaning love and adalph meaning Adolf, the city that loves Adolf"
  • "So he's kind of like Santa except dirty ... and worse"
  • "Seriously, you guys? Now you believe Dwight's traditions when some democrat looks it up on Wikipedia"
  • "I did a little research of my own and forget everything you thought you knew about fingerprint"
  • Meredith is a little cute. I'm just realizing. She got like an Emma Stone thing"

Line of the Night - Kevin:


Mini cupcakes? As in the mini version of regular cupcakes? Which is already a mini version of cake. Honestly, where does it end with you people?

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George Prax's picture

That episode was all sort of worth it at the end maybe just for Darryl falling through the table. But it was pretty funny, the Christmas episodes always are. And Die Hard IS the definitive Christmas movie.

Shane Brennan's picture

Which is better Die Hard or Die Hard 2? Trick question both are awesome. And yes, watched Darryl go through the table at least five times.