The Bridge Recap S01E13: "The Crazy Place"

The season finale provided plenty of momentum heading forward into the show's second season. This week's episode covered all the major characters and the impact the events have had on their lives. It feels like the show's real finale occurred a couple of episodes ago with the stand off on the bridge but the past episodes have given the a certain depth to draw upon for next season.

Lesser shows conclude season's with major cliff hangers, which feel like bribes, in order to intrigue or convince their viewers to return. If the "The Bridge" ended on the bridge we wouldn't see the aftermath and ripples that occur after traumatic events. Like Sonya and her sister's tape, Marco now always possesses a prayer card with Gus' photo on the back in one pocket and a knife in the other.

Instead of tightening the show the writers concluded the season with letting the show unwind and build out. Frye and Adriana have stumbled upon a global carter enterprise amassing 40 million in USD and 20 million in euros - all of a sudden a show tightly pinpointed to the border has global ramifications. Speaking of the border, the federal government intends to use Charlotte as a pawn to take down Gavon. Steven Linder's search for Eva is over as he accompanies her unconscious body, waiting for things to return to normal.

The biggest twist of the episode concluded the season. After enduring the death of his son, Marco has expressed a rainbow of emotions. As mentioned, Marco carries a picture of Gus and a knife on him at all times. While everyone advises and counsels Marco about dealing with pain and how he should react his mind is already set. Revenge is his only option. In a way he's adopted a Sonya's dogmatic character trait: killing Tate is the only logical step and a rule that can't be broken. In a meeting with Gavon, Marco surprised the cartel leader (which given his line of work is probably difficult to do) by not asking for his assistance in killing Tate but information about prison. It appears that Marco intends on getting locked up to commit the murder.

Heading into next season Sonya was originally focused on the women of Juarez but after seeing the devastation inflicted upon Eva, her goal has shifted to fixing the police problem in Juarez. This objective should sound familiar: this is what the bridge butcher (Tate) initially intended before he zeroed in on Marco. There's no doubt Sonya will slip into the story lines of the other characters, weaving in and out of characters every episode to keep the show original but consistent.

"That Crazy Place" was a solid finale for an excellent season. "The Bridge" garnered a lot of acclaim prior to its airing and it certainly lived up to the hype.

My first recap of the show began with a definitions of the word "bridge". Since the word is a structure connecting two areas its only right to see the transformation the characters made throughout the season.

Sonya: Initially Sonya seemed like a one-dimensional character. But as her past surfaced throughout the season she became the most empathetic and moral driven person. Her ability to connect with everyone - Marco, Frye, Dobbs, Linder - tied the show together. In tonight's episode she rode in an ambulance to smuggle a person over the border, the series began with her denying an ambulance to cross after the first killing.

Marco: The once smooth talking, well liked detective fell on hard times. The death of his son and the abandonment of his family led him to a whole different world. Tate wanted Marco to experience the horror of a dark, cold place and it's obvious that at the end of the season Marco is trapped there.

Charlotte: Perhaps the most drastic change for one character in the show. In the beginning the most excitement Charlotte had in her life was debating between ribe-eyes and t-bones at the grocery store. Now she's killed someone, teamed up with a cartel leader, and is the CEO of Millwright Transportation.

Steven Linder: Originally Steven was suspected of murdering women, which we learn is the exact opposite of his intentions. Steven is the only completely honest person in the show (Sonya's pretty close but even she has been forced to lie at times) and the underdog worth rooting for.

Hank: Hank has not changed at all but we know that he tried to kill Dobbs. He's been debating retirement for two months but his return is certain.

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  • As expected Adriana's sister, Daniella, has gone missing. Just like Gus, she's the victim of a game that is far out of her control. It will be interesting to see how much attention her disappearance receives next season.
  • Starting to really like the Mexican police captain as a bad guy. He's never menacing or dark just legitimately disgusted and bothered by Sonya's presence.
  • Initially wasn't a fan of the European connection tied to the cartel's money, I thought that the show was taking leaps bringing in something so big as an intercontinental drug ring. If done correctly this gigantic task could pay big dividends.
  • Huge fan of the "Living on the Prayer" Mexican remix.