The Bridge Recap S01E12: "All About Eva"

Last episode ended with Marco limping away from his son's corpse. It seemed that revenge would be the toxic fuel motivating the Mexican detective to do whatever he planned on doing. Instead of revenge Marco has slipped into depression (rightfully so) and is fueled by Daniel Frye-esque amounts of booze to deal with the pain.

Despite this week's episode being the twelfth of the season it's really the bridge (no pun intended) crossing into next season. Next week's episode is officially the season's finale but it's also very possible that the season ended last week. With that being said, new stories need to be planted and the web of characters needs to be strung together. Tonight's episode, "All About Eva" is a resolution for last week's conclusion and set up for next week's inevitable cliffhanger.

Because of this "All About Eva" didn't pack a very powerful punch but established a new foundation for the show to continue.

"All About Eva" is an accurate title considering the newly focused direction of the show. Steven Linder begins a long and convoluted search for the eponymous Eva. After arriving at Bob's ranch with his spiffiest jacket and intentions of marrying the battered woman we learn that she's left the ranch and been on her own for about a week.

As the viewer we already know that finding a missing woman in Juarez is a depressing and hopeless task. This impossible feat is hammered home in the episode with the two best shots of the night: the block-long collage of missing woman posters in Juarez and in the final scene where a pack of old women search the desert sand near crosses of Mexican women who presumably were never found.

Even Marco, in his druken self-pitying/self-loathing state realizes that searching for Eva is even worse than his current predicament. Speaking of Marco, things are not going well for the once charming, handsome man.

No contact has been made for over a month as he eludes Sonya's calls. Alma and his daughters have left him laying in Gus' room, wearing Gus' clothes, as he continuously drinks and thinks about Gus.

Some progress is eventually made after Sonya relates to him about her sister and the importance of getting up and facing the day. The preliminary trial regarding Tate is approaching and Marco agrees to testify after speaking with Hank and agreeing that his appearance may somehow help repair himself.

After Linder visits with Sonya about Eva's disappearance, Sonya seeks Marco's assistance for leads. The two head to the Juarez station and run Eva's information to see if she's in the system. Marco's boss sees Sonya as a pest making a mess out of his situations and kicks her out of the office after Celia tells her that there is no information on Eva.

Turns out that Eva is actually in the police's custody after leaving Bob's. After being held up in a cell she is chauffeured to a beautiful home (Galvez?) donning a skimpy blue dress. The camera becomes blurry due to the drugs she's been given and multiple men have their way with her as she becomes more bruised every second. Despite her terrible sight it's easy to make out a few police badges.

Towards the end of the episode Celia confronts Marco about Eva's disappearance. After seeing first hand the devastation of remaining silent, she informs Marco that she's in police custody and can only assume the worst for the 23 year-old woman.

While Eva unwillingly found her way into harm it seems that Charlotte is jumping head first into the deep end. A meeting between Mrs. Carl Millwright and cartel lord Senor Galvan lead to a deal and possibly a new partnership. Charlotte's strong facade crumbles when Galvan squeezes her leg, telling her he recently cut off the nether regions and lips of one of his workers and sent them to his wife after screwing up. The two agree to a deal of five kilos a week to build a foundation for their possible relationship.

The occurrences bringing our main but previously separate characters together should provide enough spark to carry "The Bridge" into its second season.

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Notes & Quotes

  • Great scene with Adriana, Frye, and her family. Unfortunately for Adriana, her younger sister seems to be in the fast lane heading toward trouble. Wouldn't be surprised to see the sister used in a similar way as Gus.
  • Would like an explanation on the ATF investigation. I would think if one of their snitches was killed there would be some sort of backlash.
  • Someone finally accepted Sonya's glass of water.
  • Kudos to Eric Lange (Tate) for being so creepy and deplorable with a simple head nod.
  • "It was her car, it was not her."
  • "Why does he get to live?"
  • "Oh, shit."

Line of the Night: Steven -


I'll keep looking for her ... tirelessly, 'til I find her.