Dexter Season 6 Episode 3 "Smokey And The Bandit" Review

Now things are starting to get really interesting.

Dexter is on the hunt again; this time trying to capture a serial killer from his past. In the 1980's, "The Tooth Fairy" was known to remove a tooth from his victims as a trophy, hence the nickname. As Dex becomes closer and closer to identifying the killer as Walter Kenney, an old man from Oregon now living in a Miami retirement home, he starts to draw parallels between himself and Kenney's own journey as a serial killer. Dexter eventually confronts a possible future version of himself: an old killer left with nothing but a box of murder memories.

Back at Miami Homicide, Debra is struggling with her new responsibilities and starts to second-guess her decision to accept the lieutenant promotion. Maria LaGuerta isn't making it easy on her either, as she seemingly tries to argue every decision Debra makes. Obviously LaGuerta is not pleased with the commissioner's decision to promote Deb, and will probably toy with the new lieutenant throughout the season as retaliation. There is also Quinn who, fresh off his break-up with Deb, has a little bit of an attitude problem towards the lieutenant.

Quinn's anger issues will prove to be nothing compared to the shit storm crime scene Debra is about to walk into in courtesy of the dynamic killing duo of Travis Marshall and (Professor) James Gellar. After a "cleansing" period with their latest victim, they dismembered him to unleash a recreation of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse from the Book Of Revelations on the city of Miami, complete with live horses and all. Not only deranged, these serial killers have a creative side.

This was definitely the best episode of season six and gives us hope for a turn around in the series. Dexter on the hunt again had a nice vintage feel to it and his confrontation with the Tooth Fairy was on point. The plot suddenly got interesting and the acting was great for a change. Hell, even the church killers' victim was a decent actor. Is this real life?

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George Prax's picture

My favorite part was when Quinn was boning some girl from behind at the end and the look on his face was LITERALLY: "And not a single fuck was given that day"

Great episode, best of the season so far for sure. Would have gone around 8.5 though. Loved the two twists at the end with Dexter dropping the slides (very subtle), and of course the four horsemen thing. Can't wait for all these storylines to start intersecting.

Phil T's picture

I find Quinn more irritating than anything else. I hope a stray bullet finds his forehead