Community S03E14 "Pillows And Blankets" Review

As we have documented in previous weeks, this season of Community has been hit-or-miss; its latest episode being a shining example of that fact. Some people hated it, some people loved it, and most people, myself included, stand in the middle.

This week's episode is the second part of the "Pillows vs Blankets war" that started the week before. What started as a cute Troy & Abed project quickly turned ugly when Dean Pelton informed the duo a Guinness World Record was within their reach, prompting Troy to change his fort-building strategy, cause of the ruckus between the two (former?) best friends.

The episode is shot through the lens of the Guinness World Record crew as they document the ongoing civil war between Troy's Blanketsburg and Abed's newly renamed Pillowtown. The conflict is depicted like the classic over-dramatic war zone we've all grown accustomed to in Community's famous Paintball episodes; students left for dead on the battlefield after having been (softly) beaten by pillows-weaving foot soldiers of the apocalypse and later on, a Michelin-Man like Pierce outfit with pillows.

All your Community clich├ęs are there: Pierce defects to Abed's camp after learning he wouldn't be Number 2 under Troy; Britta is bad at something (this time photography); Shirley is a badass; and Jeff and Annie engage in a flirtatious text conversation that ends with Annie being mad at Jeff for being morally ambiguous. Of course, this all ends with Jeff giving a speech to Troy & Abed, ultimately reconciling the two.

While I didn't hate the episode, I didn't love it either. I felt indifferent, and that's exactly why this season, especially the second half, has been disappointing for me. It's no longer about Jeff trying to cheat his way out of a diploma, Abed trying to understand human interactions or Shirley preaching the power of Jesus Christ. The show seems to have lost its focus, making a caricature of its characters and introducing them to flat-out bizarre situations that aren't connected to the show's storyline.

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George Prax's picture

I had a lot of problems with last week's episode, but I didn't have those problems this week. I thought this episode was great, well put together and while it was "typical" of Community it was so well executed that I was able to look past that. At least a 9, possibly a 9.5 for me. Loved Pierce as the Michelin Man lol

Phil T's picture

I really couldn't get into it ;(