Mobile Gaming Month: Plague Inc. iOS Review

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Kill all humans!

Plague Inc. would be Futurama's Bender's favorite iPhone game.

Similar to Pandemic, Plague Inc. puts you in the (shoes?) of a new plague which must strategically evolve in order to wipe out mankind once and for all. Depending on which difficulty setting you've chosen, humans will react differently to your threat making the game either hard or extremely hard. Did I say this was a hard game?

To start a game, you must choose a name for your plague. You could go with something biblical, but I chose my dog's name. To give you an idea of the level of difficulty, it wasn't until the deadly Mikko IV came along that I was able to completely eradicate those filthy humans from the planet. After choosing a name, you are prompted to select a country of origin. That in itself can be tricky because, for instance, picking a country in a heavily populated area like western europe would allow the disease to infect more people, travel faster but also be spotted quicker by the world's governments. Once your plague has been detected, governments start funding research for a cure. It's then a race against the clock to kill everyone before they can cure themselves. The game either ends when everyone is dead, or there are no infected left. Richer countries will put more funding into research and therefore cure your plague faster, so you must carefully plan your disease's transmission and symptoms.

The game allows you to play with different plague types, from the regular bacteria to the very lethal bio-weapon. Each type has a different gameplay and requires a different approach in order to be successful. For instance, the virus type plague will evolve aggressive symptoms on its own, which makes it very hard to stay undetected for long. For every country you infect / humans you kill you are given DNA points that you can then spend on evolving your plague's transmission methods, symptoms or ability to resist drugs.

The game's interface is top notch. "World News" scroll on the top of the screen letting you know of the latest events in the world, often related to your plague's evolution. The main play screen is a world map showing you countries and continents slowly turning red, as a result of infection. To keep you busy and not just looking at a screen for hours, action bubbles will appear on the screen and either give you DNA points or slow down the cure once you pop them. Additionally, a very in-depth stats system allows you to analyze the progress of your disease and identify the right strategy to use to more effectively infect healthy countries. Good stuff.

Plague Inc. is a highly rewarding game that really could not have been much better. 9.5 dead humans out of 10.

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George Prax's picture

This game is awesome. I name my plagued after people I hate.