New Counter-Strike Game Under Development

Twelve years after the release of the original fan-favorite Counter-Strike, Valve has released the first information on their upcoming title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, hoping to rejuvenate the e-sports drive that lost all of its momentum after the release of the much-maligned Counter-Strike: Source.

If Counter-Strike 1.6 was a child, Source would be a child molester.

My good buddy (and client!) Craig Levine is on location at Valve headquarters, as much of the pro Source community was flown in all-expenses paid to Seattle to try out the new alpha version of the game. Read his hands-on impressions here. It looks like Valve has learned from past mistakes and decided to involve the community in the development of GO (We don't want to end up with another Source).

From what I've gathered from his article and others across the interwebs, the game will be mix of the classic Counter-Strike gameplay and Source's, with some interesting new features, mainly:

- Competitive & Casual game modes
- Matchmaking and ranking system
- Dedicated & Valve hosted servers
- New molotov cocktails, which slow down/stop enemies (great strategic possibilities)
- New decoy grenade (fakes gun sounds to fool the opposite team)
- Re-worked recoil
- Re-worked money system
- Wall spamming
- New & re-imagined weapons

For now, I am skeptical that this game can match the near-perfect gameplay of CS 1.6, but if they listen to the community's feedback (and specifically pro gamers'), we could end up with a pretty good game, worthy of the Counter-Strike name. After the overwhelming competitive and commercial success of Starcraft 2, it is pretty evident why Valve would want to jump on the e-sports wagon as well.

We will report on more details as they surface.


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Caleb Pass's picture

Oh this is fantastic. I can't wait to see more of this! Highschool all over again for me Laughing out loud

George Prax's picture

Not really an FPS guy, so I'll wait for further details, but this looks interesting. Should be noted that this is a digital release on both Steam and the consoles, so no retail version.