DayZ Stands Alone

The highly successful zombie survival mod to ARMA II, Day Z, is set to become a standalone game.

The new game will be developed by Bohemia Interactive with Dean "Rocket" Hall, the original mod's creator, leading the way.

If you've seen footage of DayZ, you know the game engages the player in ways rarely seen in multiplayer shooters, but could definitely use some polishing. In the game, the player must scavenge for food and supplies while constantly looking out for fast (think 28 days later) blood-thirsty zombies.

On top of that, if the Zombies don't end your journey, maybe other players looking for your inventory will. The world is massive, thanks to the impressive, totally underrated Real Virtuality 3 engine.

Hopefully Bohemia solidifies the DayZ experience with more robust gameplay and brings it to the next level. Definitely keep an eye on this one.

Bonus DayZ footage: