Bulletstorm Is Really Badass, I've Been Told

Bulletstorm looked like it could be enjoyable until I saw this:

Seen here are obnoxious, hopefully soon to be ex-employees of Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly trying really hard to shove down your throat how "motherfuckin badass" and awesome their new generic Unreal engine shooter is. This doesn't seem forced at all.

Yeah we get it. You made a game with characters that don't give a shit about what we think, man. That's so politically incorrect I think I'm gonna have a seizure. You guys really went all-out with character design, I've never seen such originality.

I think the only requirement for Epic Games to finance you is that every character model must be a 250lb bodybuilder waving a huge gun.

Rumor has it Chuck Norris applied for a job at People Can Fly only to be told he wasn't badass enough.

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George Prax's picture

Your gripe with this game (which hasn't even come out yet) is that the characters look similar to other games? I'm pretty sure the selling point on this one is the gameplay, which actually does seem original and has gotten a lot of praise from people who've actually played it. I think this one deserves a "wait and see" approach, because I really don't see a reason to be bitching about it before you've even played it.

Phil T's picture

Did you...
1) Read my blog
2) Watch the video
3) Read the first sentence

Apparently none of the above

George Prax's picture

You're brushing off the potential of a game because of some shit the guy who made it said. Wouldn't be the first time a game or movie maker was an asshole. I just don't see how that affects the overall quality of potential enjoyment of a game. I could care less what they try and do to advertise a game, if the game itself is good then nothing else matters.

Phil T's picture

Picture it this way:

It's friday night and you have a girl over and you're about to have sex. She's really into you and obviously finds you attractive so it's only a matter of time before something happens. The only thing that will stop it is you saying something stupid to turn her off.

Then you say something like "Have you gained weight? You look a little fat tonight."

Game over.

Micheal A. Aldred's picture

I'd buy that "gained weight" game, Phil. I'd call it "The Weight Is Over!"

Adampro123's picture

I Can totally see how this video would turn you off to the game,it did me somewhat as well the style just reminds me of that show manswers which i absolutely hate because it has good potential but its so stupid and presented so badly i cant stand watching it though i am somewhat interested in some of the things they do. and i think the character design looks pretty generic and bad. with all that said though i would still be willing to give it a chance, you never know.