Bank On It: Half-Life 3 To Be Announced at E3 2012

The rumors of Half-Life 3 being announced at E3's show this year keep intensifying, and the latest tease from Gabe Newell all but confirms what we all expected.

From Player Affinity:


A group of users from 4chan sent a (very NSFW) email to the face of Valve, Gabe Newell; as Newell always says in his games’ developer commentary, while he reads every email that is sent to him, he doesn’t respond to all of them. Yet, the Gaben responded to this email with: “I don’t suppose it would ease your wrath if I told you we’re announcing all your favorite things at E3 2012?”

The people at reddit sent an email to Newell, asking him to elaborate. His response? “I can see how the wording caused some confusion there. Yes, we are announcing something with a three in it.” We all know that Valve loves to tease their fans, but this is just too much. So many questions can be asked from this statement, and it could apply to so many games: Half Life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, even Team Fortress 3. But does this statement mean only one “three”-related game?

If Valve is announcing a game with a "3" in it, it simply has to be Half-Life 3. The latest entry in the franchise, which ended with a cliffhanger of course, was released FIVE years ago. That's an awful long time in the gaming world, and fans have been raging about the lack of half-life updates from Valve since then. Virtually every other Valve franchise has received updates or sequels since, so Half-Life is definitely next in line.

A lot of teaser sites have emerged lately, such as Atramental Plateau and Black Aperture, but those are most likely fan sites created to keep the rumor wheel spinning.

It will be interesting to see how/if the portal guns are integrated into HL3's gameplay; Aperture Science making its big Half-Life debut in the next game, which would see Gordon Freeman trying to locate the Borealis, Aperture's research vessel that was lost at sea.

Half-Life Wiki on the Borealis:


The Borealis is an Aperture Science research vessel introduced in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. According to Isaac Kleiner, Aperture was working on a promising project, but in their rush to beat Black Mesa for funding, they neglected ordinary safety rules and the ship simply disappeared with parts of its drydock, which earned it an almost legendary stature. It is assumed that the Borealis contained an immensely powerful and dangerous secret, most likely involving portals and teleportation on a larger scale than that of a hand held portal device, which is likely the reason the Combine are searching for it as to possibly connect back to Combine Overworld and flood the planet with unimaginably large and powerful armies. The Combine also have yet to perfect localized teleportation, as the Black Mesa scientists and Aperture Science have, giving them ample reason to investigate the ship.

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