The Walking Dead S03E11 Recap: 'I Ain't a Judas'

Since coming back from the midseason break, Rick's mental health has been getting progressively worse, but it looks like there might still be some sanity left in him. Rick's had to cope with the loss of his wife, while at the same time look after his son, newborn daughter, and an entire group who look to him as their leader. It's no wonder why Rick has had some of the mental struggles he has, but in this week's episode, we start to see some of the consequences of those struggles.

In Woodbury, our old friend Andrea is having struggles of her own. She sees The Governor preparing for war against her former friends. He's convinced the town that these people are so dangerous that even a grandmother and an asthmatic tween volunteer to be foot soldiers. Andrea though wants an opportunity to go over to her old friends at the prison and talk them into a truce. The Governor of course tells her she can't go.

Convinced that she can get everyone to get along, Andrea solicits the help of Milton to plan her escape from Woodbury. Milton goes running to The Governor because the guy probably doesn't poop without permission. While The Governor is grateful, he encourages Milton to help her find a way out so that she can go meet her friends at the prison.

Milton helps Andrea literally disarm a walker and then mash it's teeth out with a rock so that she can have a pet walker with her to stave off other walkers. Andrea likely took this one right out of her former best friend Michonne's book. While disarming the walker, Andrea and Milton encounter other walkers, more than they can handle. At that moment, Tyreese and his group jump out of nowhere to save the day. They had previously been kicked out of the prison by Rick.

This is where Rick's actions through his clouded judgement will now have consequences on the group he's trying to protect. Still irked by being thrown out of the prison, Tyreese and his group quickly take up Andrea on her offer of joining the town of Woodbury. Once in Woodbury, Tyreese and the group meet with The Governor. After discussing their travels, The Governor soon learns that they had been living at the prison itself. Ben and Allen quickly jump at the opportunity to join The Governor's army, while Tyreese offers to give any information necessary, including the layout of the inside of the prison. Again, this is all because Rick saw the ghost of his wife right before he could welcome the new group. Unfortunately that vision twisted his mind and he instead kicked them out.

Hershel and Glenn are not the only ones questioning Rick's leadership given his mental stability. Carl even pulls his father aside and tells him that he should give up being the leader of the group. He suggests that Daryl can handle it. Ouch. It seemed like that conversation shook Rick and he was able to fight back and regain his form, at least for the rest of the episode.

Despite The Governor's strict orders not to, Andrea shows up at the prison, but isn't greeted like an old friend. She enters the prison gates staring down the barrel of a few different rifles and then receives a rough pat-down from Rick who brings her to her knees. The group knows of Andrea's relationship with The Governor, which they've likely been told from both Michonne and Merle.

Speaking of Merle, he's been on his best behavior since rejoining the group, even making an attempt patch things up with Michonne who he hunted down and tried to kill. It's clear that no one really wants him around, but he's Daryl's brother and they seem to be a package deal for the time being.

Andrea's arrival brings mixed emotions from the group and also from Andrea. Andrea was obviously unaware that The Governor had gone to the prison to raise hell. Carol even urges Andrea to go back to Woodbury, sleep with The Governor and then when he's caught off guard, kill him. I'd say watch out for Carol going forward, and definitely don't sleep with her. Trying to take everything in and bring peace between the two camps, Andrea heads back to Woodbury with a car and a gun, provided by Rick, clearly showing that the group still sees her as a friend.

When Andrea returns to Woodbury, The Governor is waiting for her. He's not pissed, but rather happy to see her. The two of them kiss and make up. In the middle of the night, after it appears that they slept together, Andrea gets up from the bed naked and goes over to her bag. She pulls out a knife and walks over to where The Governor is sleeping. She thinks about killing him, but ultimately she pulls away and goes over to window. No doubt she's thinking about how she's caught in the middle of a pending war.

*I just want to thank George Prax for covering for me the last couple of weeks while I took a journey on a boat with my pet tiger.

The Walking Dead Survival Index:

1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: The talk with Carl might have set him straight.

2. Daryl Dixon - no change
Current: 90%
Note: The strongest member of the group right now despite having serious baggage in the form of his brother.

3. Carl Grimes - (+10%)
Current: 90%
Note: Has all the instincts of his Dad without the shitty mental health.

4. Michonne - no change
Current: 85%
Note: As crazy as it sounds, her and Merle might make a good tag team.

5. Maggie Greene - no change.
Current: 70%
Note: Didn't really have much to say in this episode. She's still very sad Sad

6. Glenn - (+5%)
Current: 70%
Note: I'd trust myself behind him more than Rick right now. He's like a really good backup goalie.

7. Tyreese- (-10%)
Current: 65%
Note: This might just be a nod to the character in the comics. Daryl is the real Tyreese in this version.

8. Merle Dixon - (-5%)
Current: 65%
Note: Although he's mixed back in, even he recognizes that he will be The Governor's first target.

9. The Governor - no change
Current: 65%
Note: Even this is generous. There's virtually no way he gets out of this season alive. It's just how many people will he take down with him?

10. Andrea - no change
Current: 60%
Note: The visit to the prison hasn't really helped anyone's cause. Everything is exactly the same as it was. She's useless.

11. Hershel Greene - no change.
Current: 60%
Note: Well at least he can read bedtime stories to Merle now.

12 Judith Grimes - no change
Current: 55%
Note: Her life depends on whether or not AMC is willing to murder a baby on TV.

13. Sasha- (-10%)
Current: 40%
Note: You ran away from the prison because the leader is batshit crazy. And your plan is to join The Governor and kill this man? Good luck.

14. Carol Peletier - (+5%)
Current: 40%
Note: It was pretty scary how she hatched that plan to kill The Governor using sex off the top of her head. Look out.

15. Milton - no change
Current: 30%
Note: As Scott Adsit said on Talking Dead, this guys is the Smithers of this show.

16. Beth Greene - no change
Note: Look I'm not saying I don't like her, but someone else from the group has to die, and T-Dogg can't die twice.

17. Ben - no change
Current: 10%
Note: Wants to take down Rick. Will die.

18. Allen - no change
Current: 10%
Note: see Ben.

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*I just want to thank George Prax for covering for me the last couple of weeks while I took a journey on a boat with my pet tiger.

Anything for a young indian boy on a quest.

I liked your comment about Sasha, Lucius. Also your description of Judith was perfect. Anyway this episode was boring and didn't accomplish anything other than almost showing us Andrea naked again. But that's what happens when you have 16 episodes. Hopefully this isn't an indication of what the rest of the season looks like and why Mazzara was fired.

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I agree. This episode was boring. Just hope the rest of the seasons won't be like this.