The Walking Dead S03E08 Recap "Made to Suffer"

“You forget what people can do.”

Whether you’re a fan of the comics or you’re just getting to know The Governor, the midseason finale pleased all who tuned in. Comic book fans were treated to the first onscreen appearance of Tyreese, an important member of Rick’s team, for those of you wondering just who the hell he was. Tyreese was just a backdrop in the episode though with Rick’s team bringing hell upon Woodbury to save Maggie and Glenn.

The episode begins with an introduction to Tyreese and his own group. They’re on the run and come across a group of walkers. One of the ladies in the group ends up getting bit, but Tyreese is not one to leave a team member behind to be torn apart by walkers. With his trademark hammer in his hand, Tyreese leads his group to safety and eventually they find their way into a building. It just so happens that they’ve made their way into the prison. The only problem is that they’ve taken the tunnel route, which is crawling with walkers.

Upstairs in the prison, the remaining group members hear screams. Hershel realizes that they’re coming from the tunnels, but feels that they shouldn’t act on it as it’s just too dangerous. Carl has none of that though and decides to check it out. He makes his way through the tunnels and eventually finds Tyreese and his group. Carl leads them to safety and eventually to one of the cell blocks. Just as Tyreese’s group settles in, Carl locks the cell block. One of Tyreese’s companions loses her shit on Carl, but Tyreese calms her down, reminding her that it’s still better than being on the run.

Over at Woodbury, Michonne finds a way into Woodbury past the wall guards and leads Rick and the others in. They immediately dash into one of the buildings to hide. One guy does spot them inside and when he goes inside to check it out, Rick ties him up and gags him. They continue their search for Glenn and Maggie.

Speaking of Glenn and Maggie, The Governor is just about ready to have them killed. He doesn’t want Andrea to see and identify them so he orders Merle to kill them. Maggie and Glenn don’t go without a fight though and at one point even manage to hold Merle at gunpoint. It doesn’t last though, but they did manage to create a commotion, which caught the attention of Rick’s team. Using Daryl’s smoke grenades, Rick and the team sweep in to successfully make the save. Now the last thing to do is escape.

The Governor and the rest of the town are now aware of Rick’s presence and they’re not going to let Rick just walk out with Maggie and Glenn. Even though the group is heavily armed, so is the rest of the town. As they scatter to safety in another building, they notice that Michonne is no longer with them. They believe that she’s set them up. Meanwhile, Glenn alerts Rick and Daryl that it was Merle who held them captive. Rick is more concerned about getting away for now, but Daryl wants to go give his brother a hug. Rick manages to knock some sense into him though.

Michonne didn’t set them up though; she’s just settling unfinished business. She goes and waits in The Governors house for him to get home. She hears a noise coming from another room. Upon entering, she finds the water tanks full of heads. But that isn’t all. She soon discovers The Governor’s daughter Peggy chained up inside a large vent with a bag over her head. She doesn’t realize that Peggy is actually a walker and just thinks The Governor has her tied up for twisted reasons. She unchains her before removing the bag. Eventually she does take off the bag, much to her surprise. Just as she’s about decommission walker Peggy, The Governor yells for her to stop. She doesn’t and stabs Peggy in the head. The Governor pretty much loses it and the two of them struggle to kill each other. They tear town the room in the struggle and the water tanks come crashing down. Michonne, who’s badly wounded, manages to stab The Governor in the eye with a piece of glass from the water tanks. Just as she is about to slice his head off, Andrea appears and holds a gun up to her. After a brief stare down, Michonne takes off.

Rick and his team are ready to try and escape again, so they make their way outside. During the shootout, Rick spots a familiar face headed his way to kill him. It's Shane! Well it's Shane just as much as it was Lori on the phone. He kills the guy he thought was Shane and then confirms it wasn't him. Sanity restored.The team is met with fire from all angles, but they all manage to escape. Well almost all. Oscar is shot and killed, while Daryl has gone missing. Outside the town, Rick, Glenn, and Maggie are reunited with Michonne who has to explain herself.

Inside Woodbury, The Governor with his new eye patch has called a town meeting in the arena. He calls Rick and his group terrorists and promises to bring them to justice, starting with Merle. Wait what? The Governor tells the town that Merle has actually been working with the terrorists. Merle is just stunned. I’m thinking this might have something to do with Merle telling The Governor that he killed Michonne only for Michonne to show up at his house, stab his dead daughter in the head and then stab him in the eye. Yeah, that might have done it. Anyways, what’s the proof behind The Governor’s theory to the town? Well he has some of his soldiers usher into the arena their new prisoner. It’s Daryl, who he introduces as Merle’s brother.

The town just loses it at this point chanting for the two of them to be killed. On the sidelines, Andrea can only look on in shock as she tries to make sense of seeing Daryl at the center of the arena, a supposed member of the “terrorist” group. Andrea knows what group Daryl is a part of though. Hers.

It was great finish to what has been a thrilling first half of season three. We won’t find out for a while (the rest of the season will air starting in February), but I’ve got a hunch that fan favourite Daryl is going to make it out of this just fine.

And now for an update to the survival index.

1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: He went into Woodbury, got what he wanted and walked out. Bad. Ass.

2. Carl Grimes - (+5%)
Current: 90%
Note: A leader of men.

3. Michonne - no change
Current: 85%
Note: Even when Andrea is no longer on her team, she still holds her down.

4. The Governor - (-10%)
Current: 80%
Note: Vengeance will cloud his judgement. But he'll take people down along the way.

5. Tyreese - (+80%)
Current: 80%
Note: Well he's better off now than he was before. Rick's going to need him.

6. Daryl Dixon - (-10%)
Current: 75%
Note: To say he's in a tight spot would be an understatement.

7. Glenn - (+10%)
Current: 70%
Note: Has escaped death countless times now.

8. Andrea - no change
Current: 65%
Note: Should have let Michonne do her thing.

9. Maggie Greene - (+5%)
Current: 65%
Note: Back under Rick's safety umbrella.

10. Judith Grimes - no change
Current: 55%
Note: Has enough formula for a month.

11. Carol Peletier - no change
Current: 55%
Note: We found out that she's not a lesbian.

12. Hershel Greene - no change
Current: 50%
Note: I understand that he only has one leg, but a kid was a bigger man than him.

13. Milton - no change
Current: 40%
Note: Barely made an appearance.

14. Axel - no change
Current: 30%
Note: Finds out Carol is not a lesbian.

15. Merle Dixon - (-5%)
Current: 15%
Note: He better hope that when his brother saves himself he lends a hand.

16. Beth Greene - no change
Current: 5%
Note: I'm just surprised that she made it out of the first half.

Oscar - (35%)
Note: As soon as Tyreese appeared, he was already dead.

Comment 1
George Prax's picture

Man this show really must have a quota on black people huh? RIP Oscar. You and Big Tiny will forever be in my heart of hearts.

Carl was a little badass this week. Quickly jumping up into my list of favorite characters, where Axel and Tyreese now find themselves too.

Stuff at Woodbury was a little bit of a let down but I understand that they probably want to save any major confrontation for the second half. My guess is that Merle escapes with Darryl but the show teases him as a potential double agent. Clearly Rick isn't going to trust them off the bat. Either way I'm more excited to see how Tyreese's group is integrated into Rick's.

Gonna be a long wait until February, but it could be worse. Could be a year (looking at you, Breaking Bad).