The Walking Dead S03E07 Recap "When the Dead Come Knocking"

“There is no conscious mind”

This season’s slogan, “fight the dead, fear the living” couldn’t have been more poignant than it was in this week’s episode, “When the Dead Come Knocking”. On the one hand we had Rick’s group facing an overpowering herd of walkers and on the other we had Glenn and Maggie facing the evil that dwells in Woodbury. And in the middle of it all? Andrea.

After being banned from working the protective walls at Woodbury, Andrea is asked to take on a different role by The Governor; helping out in Milton’s lab, where the good doctor is working with an old man dying from cancer on his death bed, Mr. Coleman. Milton continuously goes through a routine memory test with Mr. Coleman in the hopes that when he dies and transforms, Milton will be able to trigger his memory with the same test and thus prove that walkers do indeed have a semblance of consciousness.

There’s only one problem though. Milton has never seen a transformation. Andrea of course has and already knows that Milton won’t find what he’s looking for. When Mr. Coleman finally passes, Andrea and Milton strap him to the bed and watch as the transformation begins. Milton insists that they should remove the straps from his arms in order to go through with the test. Andrea knows better, but Milton does so anyways. When Mr. Coleman immediately tries to bite Milton’s neck, Andrea stabs him in the skull, quickly putting an end to the experiment.

At the prison, our group is introduced to Michonne, who has arrived at the prison gates. At first, Rick is hesitant to trust Michonne and locks her up in an adjacent cell block, but has her wound treated by Hershel. Michonne tells Rick that she found the place by using information she overheard from Maggie and Glenn in their confrontation with Merle last week. She also tells him that Maggie and Glenn have been kidnapped and brought to a town called Woodbury. Rick decides that they will go rescue Glenn and Maggie, taking Oscar, Daryl, and Michonne with him.

Along the way to Woodbury, the group has a run in with a herd of walkers and finds shelter in a nearby cabin. A not-so-dead man lives inside though. He’s obviously crazy and oblivious to what's going on outside, which is evident when he threatens to call the police. After he tries to shoot them, Michonne kills the man and the group throws his body outside for the walkers to feed on while they make their escape.

In Woodbury, Glenn is the first to be interrogated by his old friend Merle. When Glenn won’t give up the group’s location, Merle gives him a beating. A defenceless Glenn, who is taped to a chair is left with a severely bruised face, still won’t give up the group. Merle decides to let a walker in the room with Glenn and then closes the door. Glenn manages to escape his chair and kill the walker. Time to move on to Maggie.

The Governor tells Merle that he’ll handle the interrogation with Maggie. At first The Governor tries to persuade Maggie with the same story he used on the helicopter pilot; that he would bring the group to Woodbury to live happily ever after. When that doesn’t work, things take a different turn. The Governor orders Maggie to stand up and take off her shirt. This is AMC though, so there’s no frontal nudity. The Governor makes Maggie think that he’s going to rape her, hoping that would make her talk. She doesn’t talk and tells him to just get on with it. He doesn’t. Instead he reunites Maggie and Glenn, but holds a gun to Glenn’s head. Finally, Maggie talks, revealing the prison.

The Governor begins to devise a plan to get to the prison with his men. Little does he know that Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne are at his doorstep, just outside the walls of Woodbury. .

Next week as you may have heard will be the midseason finale. The show will return for its second half of the season on February 10th. While it seems annoying, this format worked well for the show last year and is actually not that bad because when the second half finally ends, we’re not so far from the season 4 premiere. The season 2 midseason finale had Sophia walking out of the barn as a walker, so you won’t want to miss next week’s episode, which, spoiler alert may or may not debut a new character.


1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: He's not exactly in a safe place, but he knows what he's doing. I think.

2. The Governor - no change
Current: 90%
Note: The only thing that surprised me about him this week was that he didn't actually rape Maggie. He's about to go to war though.

3. Carl Grimes - (-5%)
Current: 85%
Note: An army from Woodbury could be on there way, but his Dad, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne won't be around.

4. Daryl Dixon - no change
Current: 85%
Note: I see a family reunion in his future.

5. Michonne - no change
Current: 85%
Note: "No one ever leaves this place." Not if you voluntarily go back a day later.

6. Andrea (-5%)
Current: 65%
Note: She thinks she's got it all figured out.

7. Glenn - no change
Current: 60%
Note: On the one hand he's The Governor's prisoner. But he also killed a walker while being taped to a chair.

8. Maggie Greene - no change.
Current: 60%
Note: Just a tough as Glenn, but in a different way.

9. Judith Grimes - no change
Current: 55%
Note: ...

10. Carol Peletier - (+15%)
Current: 55%
Note: She has a role now that Lori is gone.

11. Hershel Greene - (-10%)
Current: 50%
Note: Hope his crutches can fight off men with guns.

12. Milton - (-10%)
Current: 40%
Note: Not so bright after all.

13. Oscar - (-5%)
Current: 35%
Note: The invasion of Woodbury is probably going to have some casualties.

14. Axel - (-10%)
Current: 30%
Note: This war at the prison is probably going to have some casualties.

15. Merle Dixon - (-5%)
Current: 20%
Note: I don't think his meeting with his brother and Rick is going to go the way he thinks it will.

16. Beth Greene - (-10%)
Current: 5%
Note: Tick tock...

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George Prax's picture

I understand that they needed to save the reveal for next week and Michonne doesn't talk much, but I found it a little contrived that Rick went to the prison without the knowledge of Merle or Andrea. Also, thinking about it, it's a little annoying how the show feels the need to continue to prod about the origin of the virus. At this point we know we're never going to get a Walking Dead show without any zombies, so what's the point in trying to understand where the virus comes from? It's just kind of a waste of time, considering how quickly the rest of the show usually moves these days.

Otherwise, great episode. The show really stepped up the semi-nudity. I think we all knew someone was going to get raped and they handled it fairly well. I think it could still be implied that Maggie was still raped behind the scenes unless she otherwise says she wasn't. Doesn't really matter either way, they took it as far as they could. I know it was an uncomfortable situation, but dayum, Lauren Cohan... Andrea was looking pretty great too.

Great episode, can't wait for the fall finale,. and you're totally right, I'm much more comfortable with this distribution instead of having to wait nearly 10 months for a new season.

Patrick Storto's picture

While there will obviously not be a show without zombies, the origin of the virus is still the biggest question that needs to be answered and so it's still relevant.

As for Michonne not talking, yeah it does seem kind of odd that she wouldn't have given them more detail, but I think Glenn and Maggie being kidnapped is motivation enough to go to Woodbury without any other questions.

George Prax's picture

Patrick Storto wrote:
While there will obviously not be a show without zombies, the origin of the virus is still the biggest question that needs to be answered and so it's still relevant.

Why does it need to be answered? Who cares? Like you said there's never going to be a world without zombies and these groups of Georgia hicks will have no bearing on any of that, so it's just kind of a waste of time. I'd rather just see them trying to survive and interacting with each other rather than trying to figure out why the virus started. Maybe figure out how the walkers act and evolve? Sure, but I don't see why they need to find out why they became walkers.

Patrick Storto wrote:
As for Michonne not talking, yeah it does seem kind of odd that she wouldn't have given them more detail, but I think Glenn and Maggie being kidnapped is motivation enough to go to Woodbury without any other questions.

You're right, but if you're mounting an attack on a compound of 75 people with weapons you'd think you would want to go in there with more information. At the very least she could have said that they got kidnapped by a one-armed man lol