The Walking Dead S03E06 Recap "Hounded"

Just a while back, Michonne had told Andrea that no one can leave, referring to Woodbury. Andrea brushed her off, as The Governor had been telling them that they’re free to go whenever they please. Well it seems Michonne may have been right after all. With Michonne leaving Woodbury in last week’s episode, The Governor has sent a small group headed by Merle to chase after and kill her.

Michonne isn’t stupid though and is fully aware that Merle and his men are not far behind her. She even leaves them a written message using the body parts of walkers that spells out “Go Back.” Merle calls the message a “biter-gram”. Oh Merle. When the men won’t stop their pursuit, Michonne tries to get her message across another way by jumping them out of nowhere and killing two of them. The one guy Neil, who was the only other one left alive besides Merle did get Michonne’s message loud and clear, all but ready to go back. Merle wasn’t having any of that though and decides that they will both keep pushing forward.

Eventually Merle almost gets killed by a group of walkers and decides that it just isn’t worth it. He tells Neil that Michonne is going to get herself killed, so they’ll just head back and tell The Governor that she’s dead. Neil however has no intention of lying to The Governor, so Merle just kills him.

At the prison, Rick is talking on the phone. It’s a woman on the other line who tells Rick that they have a camp that’s safe. Rick wants them to take his group in, but the woman just isn’t ready to trust Rick yet. She tells him that she’ll call back in a couple of hours; too which Rick has a mini freak out. Two hours passes and the phone rings again, this time it’s a guy. Again, the guy is reluctant to trust Rick, even asking Rick how many men he’s killed. The guy then asks Rick what happened to his wife and Rick wants to know how he knew. The guys said that Rick had mentioned his son and baby, but not his wife. Rick tells him he doesn’t want to talk about it and so the guy hangs up.

Meanwhile, the rest of the prison group is still trying to move forward. Maggie and Glenn decide to make a trip out to find food and supplies. When they get to a pharmacy, they are ambushed by a bloodied Merle. Merle holds them at gunpoint demanding them to bring him to his brother. When they refuse, Merle decides that they’ll drive him back to Woodbury. Just a few feet away hidden behind a car, Michonne had been watching the entire thing.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea and The Governor have been getting even closer, which eventually leads to Andrea being in The Governor’s bed. While they’re having some fun, The Governor gets a knock at his door. It’s Merle. Merle breaks the news that the other three men are dead, but that Michonne is also dead. The Governor asks where her head and sword are, which were likely meant for his trophy case. Merle makes up an excuse and The Governor doesn’t look too pleased. Merle tells him that he brought back Maggie and Glenn. The Governor seemed somewhat interested, but was more interested in getting back to Andrea.

At the prison, Rick is on the phone again, this time it’s the same girl from before. Rick tells her that he’ll talk about his wife if that’s what it takes. The woman calls Rick by name, which surprises him. When he asks her how she knew his name, she hangs up. Rick looks frightened, but then the phone rings again. He picks up, it’s a different woman, it’s Lori. She tells him that it was Amy calling before, Andrea’s dead sister, revealing that this is all just Rick’s imagination. It’s another emotional scene between Rick and his wife, especially when he comes to the realization that it’s not real and puts the phone away before ending the conversation with Lori. Sure he’s crazy, but you have to feel for the guy.

In another part of the prison, Daryl, Carl, and Oscar are working through the hallways and making sure there are no walkers left over. They run into one that has a knife its neck. Daryl notices that the knife belonged to Carol. Daryl then notices a door in the hallway moving. Assuming there’s a walker behind it, he pulls the door open ready to engage. Behind the door though is a weak, but alive Carol. I told you she was alive. Daryl picks her up and carries her away.

Everyone in the prison later makes their way outside and then Rick notices something in the distance. It’s Michonne at the gates of the prison, holding the supplies that Glenn and Maggie had retrieved. Michonne had overheard Maggie and Glenn talking about the prison before Merle showed up.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode for a filler. It was carried by another great performance by Andrew Lincoln and also some great action sequences.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Survival Index

Here is the latest update to our Survival Index.

1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: The phone call from Lori that was just his imagination seems to be just what he needed to get himself back on track.

2. The Governor - no change
Current: 90%
Note: Gets to sleep with Andrea while everyone else does his dirty work.

3. Carl Grimes - no change
Current: 90%
Note: Working with Daryl to clear out walkers is a long way from where he was just a season ago.

4. Daryl Dixon - no change
Current: 85%
Note: Something good finally happened to him.

5. Michonne (+5%)
Current: 85%
Note: She's at the prison now under Rick's protection.

6. Andrea (-5%)
Current: 70%
Note: Getting too close to The Governor.

7. Glenn - (-10%)
Current: 60%
Note: He's been taken hostage by Merle and finds himself in Woodbury. Not good.

8. Maggie Greene - (-10%)
Current: 60%
Note: With Glenn in Woodbury as a hostage.

9. Hershel Greene - no change
Current: 60%
Note: It's nice to see him being back to his old self.

10. Baby Grimes - (+5%)
Current: 55%
Note: Looks like there's going to be enough formula for a while.

11. Milton - no change
Current: 50%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

12. Axel - no change
Current: 40%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

13. Oscar - no change
Current: 40%
Note: He has new slippers.

14. Carol Peletier - (+35%)
Current: 40%
Note: She lives!

15. Merle Dixon - (-10%)
Current: 25%
Note: He took two members of Rick's group hostage and lied to The Governor. Not the two men you want to piss off.

16. Beth Greene - no change
Current: 15%
Note: She cleaned a dish in this week's episode.

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George Prax's picture

I didn't think it was that much filler. Rick's breakdown, and then getting over it via the phone call was very important (as it is in the comics), Merle finally got a line to the group at the prison and also pretty much dug his own grave on the hunt for Michonne and lying to the Governor, and Michonne got to the Prison. It was a lot of set up but I thought it was very well done for a calmer episode. Can't wait to see where the next three go before the break.

Gasgeber's picture

I love your survival index - great job! Your review are also awewome, I read them for some time now and I think they are one of the best in the net. Keep on!