The Walking Dead S03E04 Recap "Killer Within"

“Don’t let the world spoil you.”

It was perhaps the strongest scene of the series and certainly the most emotional. In a matter of minutes we saw Carl grow from a boy to beyond a man. Lori began giving berth in a far off room in the prison after she, Maggie, and Carl were chased there by walkers. It was an awkward scene, especially with Carl present. But we all soon realized the severity of the circumstances. We realized the importance of previous scenes, such as Carol practicing a C-section on a walker. The baby wasn't going to be delivered easily, Lori needed a C-section, but neither Carol nor Hershel were there.

Fan hatred of Lori has been well documented, but she was the shining star of this scene. Realizing that she wouldn’t survive the procedure, she had an emotional heart to heart with Carl before convincing a reluctant Maggie to perform the procedure, guiding her through the process. In a show that features killing zombies, this was easily the most disturbing scene of the entire series. They showed Maggie cut Lori open and reach in for the baby. Lori was dead shortly thereafter. The baby though was alive and well. As Maggie, Carl and the new baby were about to leave, Carl told Maggie that they couldn’t leave his mom there because she would turn. Maggie motions to her pocket, but Carl insists that he will take care of it. As Carl stands over his mother, he has a flashback to Rick giving him a life lesson in the barn about death. Then from the hallway, Maggie hears a gunshot. It’s done. Carl walks out with a lost look on his face and Maggie doesn’t know what to say as she holds the baby.

This all started with a mystery person playing games with the residents of the prison. It starts with one of the gates being open, allowing a herd of walkers to enter the prison, causing the group to scatter. Then the alarms of the prison start blaring and the noise is drawing the attention of more walkers from beyond the prison. Rick is convinced that this is Axel and Oscar’s doing, as they had been begging the group to allow them into their cell block, but Rick has continued to turn them away. Oscar claims that they had nothing to do with it and even join Rick, Glenn, and Daryl in trying to find the generators in order to shut off the alarm.

Once in the generator room, we realize that it was Andrew that was behind all of this, the prisoner that Rick chased outside and we had presumed dead after hearing screams. But he is alive and well. He attacks an unsuspecting Rick, who then drops his gun. Oscar picks up the gun, aiming it at Rick. Andrew begs him to kill Rick, but Oscar moves his aim and kills Andrew instead then hands the gun back to Rick, likely earning a spot in the group.

With Rick, Daryl, and Glenn trying to find the generators, T-Dog and Carol try and close the gate that was opened. T-Dog is successful in doing so, but is bit in the process. Carol promises to help him, but instead of lying down and accepting death, T-Dog uses his last moments alive to guide Carol to safety back to her cell block. As they travel through the tunnels, T-Dog is overtaken by walkers, but he urges Carol to escape. She manages to get ahead and as she looks back, we see T-Dog being torn apart. Farewell T-Dog.

Rick, Daryl, and Glenn eventually find T-Dog’s body in their search for the others. Beside his body though, Daryl finds Carol’s headscarf and so at this point it’s unknown whether or not Carol survived. Rick stated later on that she didn’t make it, but chances are that if we didn’t see her die, she didn’t.

In the courtyard, Rick’s team is reunited with Beth and Hershel, who is now up and on crutches. He then hears a baby’s cry behind him. He turns around to see a battered Maggie holding a baby, with an ice cold Carl who has blood on his hands. Rick immediately notices Lori missing. Earlier in the episode, right before the walker attack, Rick and Lori smiled at each other from a distance, seemingly making progress in the rebuilding of their relationship. It was their last. Realizing what had happened, Rick drops to the floor crying and the episode ends.

It was difficult to watch, but I have never seen the acting this good in this series. I’m absolutely shocked that this has all happened so early, given that this is episode four of sixteen this season.

Meanwhile, over in Woodbury, Andrea and Michonne still haven’t decided if they’re leaving. Michonne doesn’t trust The Governor at all, especially after finding bullet holes and blood on the military vehicle The Governor retrieved from the soldiers. Sensing Michonne’s distrust, The Governor instead tries to build trust with Andrea, even telling her that his name is Philip. He seems to be successful as after being ready to leave, Andrea tells an uncooperative Michonne that they should stay for a couple of more days.

They’re not the only ones looking to leave Woodbury though. With new information from Andrea, Merle has his heart set on finding his brother Daryl, and even asks The Governor for permission to take a couple of men to aid his search. The Governor tells him that he can’t go, that he needs him there. When Merle won’t drop it, The Governor promises that if he can get more concrete information on his brother’s whereabouts, he will go with Merle himself.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Survival Index

Here is the latest update to our Survival Index.

1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: It will be interesting to see how Rick handles Lori's death, but I can't imagine that his survival instincts will suffer.

2. The Governor - no change
Current: 90%
Note: He's got a grip on his entire community, including Merle who had to ask him permission to leave the town. People respect him and are ready to die for him.

3. Carl Grimes - (+5%)
Current: 90%
Note: Carl will probably grow up to be stronger than Rick. After what he endured, it's hard to imagine anything that will keep him down.

4. Michonne (-5%)
Current: 85%
Note: Michonne continues to question The Governor, even to his face. We've already seen that doing so may not be the greatest idea.

5. Daryl Dixon - no change
Current: 85%
Note: He continues to be a warrior.

6. Andrea (-5%)
Current: 75%
Note: She is buying into everything The Governor is selling.

7. Glenn - no change
Current: 75%
Note: Continues to be a good soldier.

8. Maggie Greene - no change
Current: 65%
Note: Maggie really stepped up this week, but not in a way that would change her survivability.

9. Hershel Greene - (+10%)
Current: 55%
Note: He wasn't down for long. He's already moving about on crutches, and we witnessed him kill a walker with one.

10. Milton - no change
Current: 50%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

11. Axel - (+20%)
Current: 40%
Note: Oscar's actions have likely earned him a spot in Rick's group under Rick's protection.

12. Oscar - (+20%)
Current: 40%
Note: He spared Rick's life and will probably now join Rick's group.

13. Merle Dixon - no change
Current: 35%
Note: He wants to go on a road trip that will likely lead him to Rick. I think Rick will come out on top.

14. Beth Greene - no change
Current: 15%
Note: She was in the episode, but went unnoticed. I'm surprised she survived the ordeal.

15. Carol Peletier - (-30%)
Current: 10%
Note: She may already be dead, but we'll wait for confirmation on that. Even if she is alive, her usefulness took a hit now that Lori is dead.

Lori Grimes - (-50%)
Note: Lori didn't last as long as I thought she would. I thought we'd all be happy when the moment finally came, but it was the most difficult scene to watch in the entire series. Farewell Lori.

T-Dog - (-5%)
Note: Well obviously I can't say I'm surprised. He's hovered at the bottom of this index since we started it. At least he got some lines his finale. Farewell T-Dog.

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T-Dogg... Goodnight Sweet Prince. I thought you were going to live forever Sad

Even Lori's death was particularly heart-wrenching, really well done.