The Walking Dead S03E03 Recap "Walk With Me"

Now how’s about a big hug for your old pal Merle?

If you don’t count Daryl’s hallucinations from last season, it’s been 17 episodes since we’ve last seen Merle, but he’s back now and he doesn’t look like someone you want to spend the rest of your numbered days with.

You’ll remember Merle from the beginning of season one. He’s Daryl’s racist and short tempered older brother who Rick handcuffed to a roof to keep him under control. When the group went back to rescue him, all that remained on the roof were the handcuffs and Merle’s severed hand. Nowadays he sports a makeshift bayonet where his hand used to be. As if you didn’t want to avoid pissing off Merle before.

We’re reintroduced to Merle right at the beginning of “Walk with Me” after he spots Andrea and Michonne hiding in the woods. Andrea and Michonne find themselves there after they witness a helicopter crash and follow the smoke there. As they arrive, they find a man dead from the crash, but before they can examine the scene further, a group of men arrive at the scene and the two of them decide to hide. Michonne even slices off the heads of the two walkers she has chained to prevent them from making noise and giving them up. Talk about being completely mutilated. Just as it seems like the group is leaving, the two of them are spotted by none other than Merle. The men take Andrea and Michonne.

The leader of the group is not Merle, but rather a gentlemen known only as The Governor. When Andrea asks about his true identity, The Governor promises that he will never tell her or anyone. The Governor is the leader of a town known as Woodbury, a town that seems to have been made a safe haven. The Governor claims that all of the town walls are guarded and he imposes strict rules on the population of just over seventy people, such as a curfew where no one is allowed outside at night.

Woodbury also has a lab, and apparently Merle works there. Milton, the lab scientist, doesn’t seem too thrilled about that though. Milton is working on the two walkers that were chained to Michonne. He notes that Michonne was a genius by cutting off their arms and mouths, which seems to have taken away their desire to attack. Meanwhile, The Governor arrives at the lab and speaks briefly with Merle. In their conversation, The Governor asks him if Andrea was from that group he told him about, which then makes it evident that The Governor is aware of our main group over at the prison.

Andrea and Michonne are both reluctant to trust The Governor at first, wondering why he and his men stabbed the dead passengers of the helicopter in the head. Of course Andrea was no longer around when Rick told the group what Dr. Jenner told him about how everyone who dies turns to a walker. Andrea and Michonne are taken aback by the news, but Andrea seems to find a willingness to trust The Governor after he tells them the truth. Michonne on the other hand doesn’t seem so willing to trust The Governor or his men and demands her weapons back on numerous occasions. The Governor tells Michonne that she can have her weapons on her way out of town.

While The Governor seems like a genius and a great guy at first, we soon realize that he’s not the Mother Teresa of the zombie apocalypse. Along with Andrea and Michonne, the men managed to save one of the pilots of the helicopter crash and brought him back to Woodbury for medical attention. The Governor is able to earn the pilot’s trust by helping him, which results in the pilot telling him that he had a group of men on the ground who he had left behind. The Governor promises him that if his men are still alive, he will find and rescue them if he tells him where they are. The pilot obliges.

The Governor arrives where the men are located waving a white flag to show that he is coming in peace. He approaches the group by telling them that he has their pilot safe in Woodbury. Then he quickly pulls out a gun and shoots the closest soldier. Shots start to rain in on the group from both sides of the surrounding field. It’s The Governor’s men. They kill every single member of the group, just so they can take their weapons. Back in Woodbury, The Governor explains to the town that the men were already dead when they arrived and that they will honour their sacrifices.

The episode closes with The Governor at his home. There’s a woman sleeping in his bed while he walks around the house. He grabs a drink and stares briefly at a picture of what looks to be him with his wife and young daughter before entering another room. In that room he sits down and just stares. It’s revealed that he’s staring at a wall of water tanks filled with the heads of the dead, a trophy case. And at the top of the trophy case is the head of the pilot they were helping just hours earlier, revealing what a sick bastard The Governor really is.

On a side note, I just want to say that as someone who has read most of The Walking Dead comics, I wasn’t too enthusiastic when David Morrissey was cast as The Governor, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think it was a great call.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Survival Index

Here is the latest update to our Survival Index. You'll notice three new additions to the index.

1. Rick Grimes - no change
Current: 95%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

2. The Governor
Current: 90%
Note: The only thing keeping him from being a 99% is his insanity and eagerness to start wars with the living while fighting the dead. Otherwise, this guy has his very own protected town and an army of men that both respect and fear him.

3. Michonne (-5%)
Current: 90%
Note: Michonne finds herself in Woodbury with no weapons. She has refused to make friends with The Governor, who we now know is capable of almost anything.

4. Daryl Dixon - no change
Current: 85%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

5. Carl Grimes - no change
Current: 85%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

6. Andrea (+10%)
Current: 80%
Note: Andrea is sitting pretty at the end of the world right now. She's living in what seems to be a safe place for now and unlike Michonne, Andrea has made friends with The Governor.

7. Glenn - no change
Current: 75%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

8. Maggie Greene - no change
Current: 65%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

9. Milton
Current: 50%
Note: There's not many smart people left in this world, so Milton has an advantage there. The only problem is that he's The Governor's adviser and one misstep could land him in hot water with The Governor and by hot water I mean I'm only guessing the temperature of the water in The Governor's trophy case.

10. Lori Grimes - no change
Current: 50%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

11. Hershel Greene - no change
Current: 45%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

12. Carol Peletier - no change
Current: 40%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

13. Merle Dixon
Current: 35%
Note: People like this don't seem to last long. Sure he looks like a terminator now, but Merle seems to be on the path of being killed by another human before all is said and done this season.

14. Axel - no change
Current: 20%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

15. Oscar - no change
Current: 20%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

16. Beth Greene - no change
Current: 15%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

17. T-Dog - no change
Current: 5%
Note: Did not appear in this week's episode.

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George Prax's picture

Great episode although I think I personally enjoyed the prison stuff a little more.

For the rankings, I'd put the governor at slightly less. He's obviously the big bad for the season and isn't going anywhere for a while but he's overzealous and batshit crazy and that will eventually be his demise. I can't wait for him to meet Rick, that's a very interesting dichotomy between characters for me.

I'd put Michonne a little lower too, she lost her zombie friends AND her swords. Not good, plus she'll quickly question The Governor.

Andrea's sitting pretty but she's questioning the Governor too so it's worrisome.

Merle will survive anything, so I'd put him higher.

Agreed on the nerdy scientist, although that tea dispensing contraption will get him far in life.

Patrick Storto's picture

I think The Governor is a bigger picture villain, will be around for a while. Merle is going to be a short term menace that will get his sooner than later.

George Prax's picture

It would be funny if they cuff him to another roof and he has to saw off his other hand with his teeth.

demez's picture

How long till Michonne and Andrea started getting raped, good old legitimate rape. Episode was interesting but boring in comparison to the current prison world, looking forward to getting back to that next week.