The Walking Dead S02E07 Recap: "Pretty Much Dead Already"

This season has been full of ups and downs. Fans have gone from complaining, to excitement and back again to complaining. It's much different than the sentiment from a season ago where there was little to no disappointment with any of the episodes. Fortunately though, this season's mid-season finale left us off on a high note and left us wanting more.

The episode begins with the group having breakfast outside with no one saying much. Glenn glances over at Maggie who's standing in the distance on the house's porch. She begins to shake her head in disagreement at him. Glenn then glances over at Dale who is with the group and he begins to nod as if to say yes. Finally feeling that the time is right, Glenn gets up and discloses to the group that the barn is full of walkers.

The group ends up outside the barn and after peeking inside, Shane wants the group to leave the farm and head to Fort Bennett. Rick, Carol and Daryl adamantly disagree with this. All three claim that they still want to find Sophia, but Rick has long-term plans of staying at the farm now that he knows that Lori is pregnant.

Speaking of Lori's pregnancy, we had thought that she knew it was Rick's baby, but that doesn't seem to be the case. After Rick told Shane that Lori was pregnant, Shane approached Lori alone the first chance he had. He argues that Rick's tactics have failed to keep Lori and Carl safe and that he himself has done the best job of doing that. He said that he knows that it's his child, a notion that Lori denies. But then she told him, "even if it is yours, it's never going to be yours."

Shane still isn't convinced that the group should stay at the farm, that is until he's confronted by Carl. Carl swears at Shane and tells him that they need to stay until they find Sophia. Shane tells him if that's what he wants, then that's what they'll do. But Shane won't stay at the farm unless the barn is cleared out.

Back at the house, Rick is pleading his case once again to Hershel to let the group stay with him permanently. Rick tells him that his wife is pregnant and that they won't survive outside the farm. Hershel seems sympathetic, but tells Rick that he's made his decision and that the group has to be gone by the end of the week. After Rick leaves, Maggie pleads to Hershel for the group to stay. She uses his faith against him and tells him that Glenn saved her life from a walker. While he doesn't say they can stay, he seems to be more open to the idea after speaking with Maggie.

After their talk, Hershel and Jimmy seek out Rick for some help in the swamp. At the swamp, they find two walkers stuck in the water. Hershel tells Rick that if he and the group want to stay, he is going to have to treat the walkers like people. They then grab onto the walkers with snare poles and begin to pull them back to the farm.

Over at the farm, Shane goes into the RV and notices that Dale has taken off with the guns. Glenn tells Shane he doesn't know where Dale went. Shane eventually finds Dale in the forest trying to hide the guns from Shane. Eventually Shane approaches Dale, which results in Dale holding a rifle to Shane's chest. Shane dares him to shoot, but he can't bring himself to do it. Shane takes back the guns and heads back to the farm.

Shane brings the guns back to the farm and arms the entire group, even Carl, to which Lori stops. In the distance, the group notices Rick, Hershel and Jimmy walking towards them with two walkers. Shane runs over and immediately loses his cool.

My favourite scene of the episode then happens. Hershel argues that they are people, to which Shane responds by shooting the female walker in the chest, then the heart. He then asks Hershel how a person could survive that. Hershel tells Shane enough, to which Shane agrees and shoots the walker in the head.

Shane is still yelling and proceeds to walk over to the barn. He knows that regardless of the group's opinion on the matter, if he opens the barn door, they'll have no choice. And so that's exactly what he does, and one by one the walkers file out of the barn. The groups begins to shoot every single walker that comes out of the barn while a distraught Hershel can only look on. Finally no more walkers come out and the barn seems to be clear.

Then we hear another growl. Out comes a little girl, a walker. It's Sophia. The group is stunned. She walks out slowly. Rick steps forward and Sophia starts to approach quickly. Rick points his gun at Sophia and pulls the trigger. She drops and the episode is over.

It was an incredible ending and it almost made the grueling search for Sophia worth it.

The Walking Dead season 2 is now on a mid-season break and will return with new episodes on February 12th.

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George Prax's picture

Honestly there was no way that ending couldn't have been a tad predictable, but it was so well done that it didn't matter. I heard a lot of people were crying, I was personally left speechless by it. Great way to end the half-season and in a matter of about 3 minutes, they gave us as much character development as they have all season.

Shane is battling with insanity but he was right about everything.
Carl is definitely going to go into a darker place.
Rick has to deal with his decisions now that he knows what happened to Sophia, so his leadership will come into question.
Andrea wants to be independent and is a mini-Shane.
Glenn, Dale, Darryl seem to have purpose now.

Really, individually a lot of these episodes weren't amazing, but the end result is there. Can't wait for February.

Patrick Storto's picture

I loved the build up of the ending with her slowly coming out of the barn, even if it was a bit cheesy. It was well done.

demez's picture

It was pretty obvious that a resolution to where Sophia was had to be coming this episode and that ending was fantastic. The rest of the episode was alright, set tones for the second half of the season. Now its time for there to be some suspense to the show by them leaving the farm.

George Prax's picture

I was really worried that they were going to stretch the Sophia thing out to the second half, this show hadn't really given me a reason to have confidence in the writing. But as Demez said the ending was fantastic. This season has definitely been about slow build now that they have time to do it. Makes me wonder if the season's meant to be watched back-to-back instead of weekly.

Apparently they're still going to spend a few episodes a few weeks at the farm so we'll see. February can't come fast enough.