Zombie Driver HD (Under 10 in 30: Episode 9)

Zombie Driver HD is the HD remake of a somewhat popular at the time (2009 that is) XBLA game of the same name (minus of the HD of course!) Zombie based games have been quite the rage since the raging success of Plants vs. Zombies and this game really tried to capitalize on consumers' desire to purchase anything with the word Zombie written on it.

Zombie Driver HD is a game that really shows it's age, despite having "HD" graphics (note the quotation marks). Overall it's just not that pleasing to look at, some of the effects are nice and bright but beyond that it's a muddled mess. Trying to pick out key areas of interest or NPCs while navigating the map/mini-map is very tiresome on the eyes.

From a gameplay perspective we weren't really impressed either. The game has you "driving", again I use the term very loosely, around a map essentially hitting checkpoints. Once you reach them, you usually have to kill/shoot/flamethrower/run over hoards of zombies until you win. Simple enough, right? Too simple unfortunately. The missions do offer a little bit of variety but it always boils down to the same repetitive task. The few RPG elements scattered into the game really do not add much depth either.

Also, the controls are bad. Or so we're told... jury's still out on that one.

Buy it on Steam for $4.99 until Nov1st!