Tower Wars (Under 10 in 30: Episode 3)

Tower Wars is yet another innovation on the classic tower defense game. It adds a lot of depth and complexity and from what we've played is fairly balanced. The graphic style is fun and whimsical and the game has some clever writing and funny elements. If you like tower defense games then you will certainly appreciate the depth of Tower Wars.

In Tower Wars can chose to either play in an endless survival mode, akin to classic tower defense games which has you building towers, upgrading and well surviving. However the real fun happens when you play online vs. another player in either a ranked or unranked match. Here is where the game truly shines. Not only do you still have to build, upgrade and manage your towers, but the game also introduces multiple new elements that are core to your victory. For starters, you need to manage gold mines which are your primary source of income. Upgrade them, assign the right amount of miners all while tending to your towers, this aspect makes Tower Wars feel a lot closer to an RTS as you are balancing between economy and army duties.

The real strategy revolves around building units and sending them to attack your opponent. Each unit has specific attributes and skills and will follow the normal tower defense path through your opponents defenses to ultimately reach their castle and blow it up. First castle down, loses. There are multiple talent trees that allow you to upgrade your castle and the units you send towards the enemy as well as unlocking new units. Each game plays out differently as you are constantly adapting to what your opponent is doing and trying to refine your own 'build order' and strategy.

Buy it on Steam for $8.99 (10% off until August 28th)

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George Prax's picture

I usually get really bored with Tower Defense but this made it a little easier to at least watch. Good job guys.